Dans KL SE project

  • heya guys. picked up my new mazda today :D gotta be honest, it needs a fair bit of cosmetic work doing to it. it has a small dent in the sill which is starting to rust so will be out with the filler soon, the bumper is going to need resprayed, as does the boot and the front splitter. all have been painted very badly by a previous owner (hand painted with a brush, not even a tinny job) the spats need to be taken off and sprayed and the bonnet has about a million stone chips in it. the paint on the boot is that bad that i took it to the car wash and pressure washed alot of it off pmsl.
    Needs a couple of rear wheel bearings but the engine is sweet as a nut. pulls better than my old one. does anyone know the paint code for a white one as i cant be arsed to go outside to look lol

    I will post up some pics tomorrow. I dont mind doing the asthetics side of things and it will probably make me appreciate the car more once its done. and i only paid £450 for a white SE. cant be bad ;) just need to find an abandon ford probe V6 now for and heart transplant. i will be doing this sooner rather than later as the cambelt is due very shortly. I think could buy a probe for the cost of a cambelt kit and waterpump. I dont think i will be doing any turbo or supercharger conversions for a while though as money is getting pretty low now.

    so, if anyone knows the paint code for a white mx3 please let me know.

    SOOO glad to be back in a 3 :) oh how i missed that V6 :D

  • Great news mate, im sure you'll have it looking great in no time :D

  • ok have a few pics up now. doesnt look too bad from the front

    or the side

    small dent

    and the worst bit :(

    dont know if you can make this out but paint flake on the bumper

    another dent/scrapr on the sill


    seats are in good nick though

    door cards arnt :(

    let me know your thoughts. need to get some paint sorted out asap.

  • I will take a pic of the spare wheel (which is an SE alloy) later and you will understand why the dealer chose to change to these wheels haha. I have never seen curbing like it

  • Sweet. Some work ahead of you but eh could be worse :lol:

    Those door cards have regular fabric under the alacantra if you peel it off, at least mine did. Kinda bit sticky underneath though. Maybe fabric dye would do the trick!

    Had a wee tap on the back then, respray would sort it by the looks of things ;)

    Keep an eye on ebay for KLDEs, I got mine for £150.

    Good to see you back in game, now change your signature ;)

  • thanks marco. yeah it is only cosmetics really. I was going to cut some new material for the door cards. (I think i have an old white sheet lying around pmsl) I have had a look for the paitn on ebay but cant find it. pain code is UF, I could only find touch up. will pop to halfords in the week to see if they can match it up with a fre tinnys. already got primer and laquer so its just the white i need. How hard is the boot to get off?

    Yeah i think it has had a little crash at some point in its life. does look like there is no rust though which is good news.
    I was going to buy a whole probe and sell bits off it to make my money back. one sold for £275 a few days ago. i knew i should have bought it lol. it is good to be back in a 3. think i may have some heat soak issues with that air filter on there as it felt hesitant to accelerate earlier. I will look for a cold air feed in a min, or may try to "modify" the standard air box to it will fit inside it. it doesnt have as much or a rumble as my old air filter did. that was brill ;)

  • Looks nice, a bit of tippex and she will be good as new hahaha

    Looks like some work ahead but its all a long road with these things lol

  • it looks like it has been tippexed up before lol. I dont mind the cosmetic side of things, i find spraying very therapeutic and relaxing (maybe its the fumes lol) just looking on ebay for a probe/mx6 now. there is one ending soon but it has 178k on the clock :shock: little bit too much for my liking and i wouldnt have a clue how to rebuild it so i will look for one with lower miles.

  • nice too see you bag in an mx lol
    lol i was looking at that one one ebay congrats dude lol

  • was you thinking of buying it? its not too bad, i have seen much worse pink ones lol. I made him an offer and he accepted without trying to beat me up. I turned up and didnt haggle as its an SE model (dont think the seller knew that ;)) so to do

    Clear white paint first
    KLDE engine
    some deep dish alloys (hopefully Borbets if i can afford)
    40-60mm lowering springs although the rear suspension is very stiff so i dont know if it has been lowered or has stiffer shocks on the back already. will check this out later ;)
    that is all for now. I am sure i will find more to do once this has been done

  • it was a bit far to travel for me but it was on the maybe pile lol im sooo pissed at my self for breaking wes :cry:
    hope it all gose well for you

  • you can find another one cheap enough mate. I was in discussion with the owner of that mint white one but someone offered him a bit more, and i dont blame him. it was sold for £1050! :shock: I may have to get that probe sooner than i thought. just went for a drive and the car feels like it is not firing on all cylinders. i thought it was heatsoak before but the engine was cold. any ideas?

  • http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1996-MAZDA-MX-6-2-5I-GT-SILVER-/300580323890?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item45fbfbc232

    Will this engine go in? i dont know if they are different, like the mx3 after 1995. bit concerned about the milage but think it could be worth it.

  • ok, found the reason why its driving like its not firing on all cylinders. because it isnt. took out the HT leads and 2 of them were drenched in oil. cleaned them out, moved it about 15 yards and checked again, covered again. what gasket has gone? lol not having alot of joy with the project so far. I dont have a tool to remove the spark plugs at the moment so i am unable to get them out. can anyone tell me the size of them please and i will get one tomorrow.

  • if the spark plug wells a filling up with oil it will be the rocker cover gaskets

  • it is only 2 of them, both on the side closest to the front, the middle one is dry. is that going to be just one gasket or 2 then? I have spent enough this month :(

  • i would do both at the same time then its done there only around £25 a pair but if you wanted to you could do just the front

  • think i will just do the front as its looking like the K8 is coming out very soon. is it still ok to drive? i know it will be burning petrol but i really dont wanna walk to work again this week :lol:

  • mmm i would but i drive anything until its dead lol im still driving wes even though its running half power lol

    i dont think it would cause any major problems by running it but i might be totaly wrong

  • gives me an excuse to 2.5 it ;) might have to borrow an engine crane from someone lol


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