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After receiving some feedback, it has become clear it is sometimes hard to find forum content. While we will work to improve the forum access. Follow these tips to find the content.

Most content is freely available to everyone, even if you are not a member:

The forum is found by clicking on this icon at the top of the screen:

Or click here to go to the forum!

Expecting an email from us? Check your spam/junk folders!

If you have requested a password reset, created a new account or sent an email to the membership mailbox, please make sure you check your spam/junk folders for the reply.

We have had a few cases recently of users receiving email from in the spam/junk folder.

If you do find one of our emails in there, please mark these as not spam so future emails will stand a better chance of making it into the main mailbox.

04/02/2018 - Gmail and Hotmail email issues resolved

We have been having some issues sending emails to Gmail and Hotmail, this appears to have been resolved now. Please check your inbox for an activation email if you have been waiting for one.

If you do not receive an email within 24 hours please send an email to membership [at] uk-mx3 [dot] com from your registered email account with your username as the subject for us to check.

Many thanks


24/06/2017 - Upgrade Information

Hello Everyone,

As you can see, has finally been upgraded!

You will notice a lot has changed and navigating the site will take a little getting used to, the key thing to point out is the forum is now accessible through the
Categories menu, this is the icon with 4 lines to the right of the logo on the menu bar, you can also get there by visiting

Hopefully everything will have moved across correctly, I have checked a few posts and they look fine, please do let me know if you find anything missing or not quite correct.

If you are an existing member you should have received an email asking you to reset your password, unfortunately it wasn't possible to carry the passwords over so please follow the link and create a new one. If you haven't received the email please check your spam folder (add the address to your allowed sender list). Alternatively you can request a password reset from the login page - note that the reset request will only be sent to the email address listed on the old forum. If you didn't update your address with a valid one I'm afraid you will have to register a new account.

Over the next few days I will be monitoring and adjusting various bits of the site, please bare with any unexpected downtime, the shouldn't be aware any but just in case.

Note that this site is now fully mobile compliant so you can browse on the go!


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