Polycarb Rear Window GB 2011\. + Weight reduction discussion

  • Hello guys, I have been in contact with www.plastics4performance.co.uk in regards to a perspex rear screen for our cars.
    Based in Belmont, Bolton, Lancashire. BL7 8BN They firstly need to make a mould. Dont know if we have any members or know of any breaking mxs in that area? But any how firstly they need the glass to make the mould.
    Looking at their web shop using the RX7 as an example there is a variety of costs depending on spec required ( thinkness etc ).
    Dont know if there are any other memebers interested in a group buy for this??
    Ive looked everywhere for a supplier of a lightweight rear screen but its impossible so this could well be the first!

  • @460ab9fd9a=hussar203:

    The link to the website doesn't work, I am sceptical about this being a good group buy. What is the weight saving by going perspex against our glass?. Are there safety/insurance implecations?. Does it still incorporate the demist? Does it affect the rigidity of the car?. The only reason for going perspex is the reduced weight of the hatch, there are a lot of ways to reduce the overall weight if you are competing. Seats, carpets, door cards, radio and fewer "fat lads breakfasts" to mention but a few. :?

    The link works you need to remove the http://www.anonymz.com and head for http://www.plastics4performance.com/

    No safety or insurance implications - no different to say rear screen of most 2 seater convertible sport cars.

    De-mist through perspex - never heard of it so would be very surprised to see. Think about it, 40 hot wires running through the centre of dense plastic.

    Cars rigidity - the glass does not perform this operation, you could remove the tail gate all together and its strength would still remain the same. You are not altering the safety cell.

    Weight saving - most people have all ready removed a lot of weight, this mod is for the serious tuner to be honest. I spent a good 2 days removing weight from mine almost shifted 200kgs of useless crap.

  • All of my interior removed, all I have left is a halfcage, 2 seats and a steering wheel and I still want that fat assed rear window out LOL

  • Think mechanic covered that well.

    Polycarbonate window will actually be many times stonger than a glass window. The stock glass apparently weighs 49lbs. It's a bigger saving than a carbon fiber bonnet for example.

    I think with the rear glass of car you can legally black it out, cover it in sheet metal etc… Like a van.

    Demist is a fair point. Not one that bothers me but might others. I'm not sure how much it'd condense compared to glass, glass I'd imagine is more prone?

    Another consideration is whether to keep the rear wiper.

  • yeh as far as rear windows go anything goes

  • This mod is not for the daily driver, but for those on a quest to reach the magic 1000kg. And for those on that quest alot of oem stuff will have already gone or be modified.
    I know the guys that have shown an interest in the group buy know it will be worth it, this part has been a topic of conversation for a long time especially on mx3.com ( u.s )
    I would never start a group buy in something i was not fully sure of. Ie my big brake conversion was custom made, i could have easily mass produced all the parts required to do the conversion, but not known if the finished item was any good, selling a product which could have upset alot of people!. and the same for my coil over set up.
    Anyhow with out jabbering on. Mine will be converted, finished item presented and tested, and then who ever wants to buy item can do so, with hope to set up a discount rate for ukmx3.com members.

  • @0f9c018904=Mechanic:

    I spent a good 2 days removing weight from mine almost shifted 200kgs of useless crap.

    What did you remove from yours if ya don't mind me asking?

  • @075c850531=Lori:


    I spent a good 2 days removing weight from mine almost shifted 200kgs of useless crap.

    What did you remove from yours if ya don't mind me asking?

    All seats except drivers :D
    Spare wheel jack etc.
    All interior plastics.
    Door cards.
    Speakers stereo.
    Washer bottles.
    Rear wash wipe.
    Replaced exhaust system.
    Used light weight gel battery for bike.
    Heater box.
    Front wiper motor etc.
    Bonnet was lightened.

  • Did you find out the end weight result?? Had a word with the local scrappy, they said bring my car up and they would stick it on weighbridge for a fiver, hopefully get round to that soon,

    What do V6 MX3's weigh standard anyone know???

  • According to Wiki approx. 1,100kg.

  • Is that all :shock: Definately need to get mine weighed, will be well chuffed if she is under 1000kg! Then I need to find out how much BHP she is putting out, again will be happy if its over 200BHP :wink:

  • Cool idea guys, but its the front end i want to lighten, as it is easy to take weight out the back of these cars.. It was built with a 65 - 35 weight dist, but i reckon stripping it may have upset this a little, as only all the air con parts and front fogs have come off the front end of mine….

    Rear hatch combined with fibre glass bonnet??

  • Moving the battery to the rear can improve balance by 1%.

  • @895fdfa62a=Garfy1981:

    Wont have heater lines in as it wouldnt do the screen any favours.

    Well the main point is for racing and reducing weight… so no rear wiper and extra heater stuff are not necessary...

    I wouldn't recommend going this route on a daily driver! (that's why I have 2 mx-3's lol)

  • dang I totally forgot to post up when I got my CF/Lexan hatch done back in April :oops: !

    Here are the pics of the trimming of the lexan (I used a dremel to save a bunch of money by trimming it myself) half way down this page: http://www.mx-3.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=59560&start=270

    check out the finished pics half way down this page: http://www.mx-3.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=59559&start=180

    I'm not sure how you guys will turn out but if it's anything like mine you will be thoroughly satisfied! 8)

  • Received email today:

    HI Gareth

    Moulds done and we are ready to roll with them… Cost wise a 4mm Clear polycarbonate screen will be around £195.00 + VAT

    And just to put the rumour right - there nothing like any porsche screen ive ever seen , but its no problem as we have done the mould  and patterns now anyway


    Paul Davenport

    Plastics 4 Performance
    Unit 5 Belmont Works
    Egerton Road
    BL7 8BN

    UK Telephone / fax 01204 811 277
    International Telephone / fax +44 1204 811 277

  • So far list;

    Jay mx3
    Rob 1xr

  • well seems as tho we have 5 so i will email now for discount. :)

    there are optional extras taken from there site rough costs are;

    bronze polycarb finish + £20.00 est
    grey polycarb finish + £20 est
    clear hardcoated polycarb +£120.00 :shock:
    black border finish + £20.00 est
    screen adhesive + £12.99

    also think wiper is mounted through glass is'nt it ?, so need to know if anyone wants hole re drilled for wiper.

    Personally i wouldnt as wiper will risk scratching if blade fails or grit gets stuck in blade.

  • any pics yet?

    In the USA, we opted to not have a hole for the wiper. Since we are using the CF hatches we had made, we only use the lexan ones for racing. Also with trying to reduce as much weight as possible, we removed the wiring, plastic and 3rd brake light as well. When I'm not racing I put the normal hatch back on that has the wiper.

    I looked into getting a coating/tinting done to mine but it was going to cost more than the plastic + molding! Instead, I bought some polycarbonate cleaner that I have been really happy with (it's called 'Plexus'). I've only had the hatch on just a few times last year so it hasn't seen much weather but it's holding up wonderfully.

  • I dont want to be a killjoy, but you guys are aware polcarbonate scratches pretty easily, acrylic is more scratch resistant and it probably what they are calling a scratch guard is a laminated piece of acrylic ontop of the polycarbonate, which would increase the weight to maybe what the glass is.


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