Marco's First Car Project AKA Scarlet / daily driver

  • This is the state of my beast currently:

    Nothing much going on, too broke!
    -Dodgy bonnet graphic to cover up DHL abused paintwork
    -Konig Hurry 17s
    -Supra Style Spoiler
    -Carbon fibre/SS jap style 4" backbox
    -apexi charging stabiliser
    -interior neon
    -removed stupid orange bits on front indicators
    -Painted callipers

    Dragster style! (just putting on the new rims)

  • Looks great, what a difference a spoiler and new rims make.

    I love those rims how much did you pay for em?

  • Thanks man!

    Rims were £450 with the low profile tyres (second hand - immaculate, two weeks old, the seller paid £700! Crazy civic owners…)

    Spoiler was £70 of ebay posted :D tho another £50 for the black piece to cover the hole.

  • slam it and it would look real smart!!!!

    But none the less, goot to see another modified mx3 out there 8)

  • that spoilers looks awsome, i've seen those before on the 323f looking good

    loose those graphics tho!!

  • Sexy new photo!

  • looks very nice in that last photo!!

  • someones got some photo skillsssss!

  • haha thanks I'm doing my major project on a photography website, so been practicing!

    Got a nice shot of my bros 323f today:

  • damn man!!!!!

    You gotta come take some pics of my car!!! lol

  • would love to know/ build pics of how you did your spoiler, love it

  • Ahh was easy enough! I got the spoiler for £50 of Ebay, but I think it may have been imported from the States- its a wings west spoiler. Possibly one from this series I used a dremel to drill the holes and widen out access as needed. If you need pics of this just say and I'll take some. It's a bit scary aligning then drilling holes in your car, but the spoiler comes with plastic guides to help you get it perfect.

    You need the filler piece too though, to cover where the stock spoiler was, which cost me about £60 I think.

    I sprayed and laquered the little one black myself, and the got the spoiler pro sprayed for about £70. Total cost: £200 ish but man does it totally change the car :D

  • nice ride man! I love that pic with the bluish background… euro mx-3's are so sexy...

  • chers, ive already got a hatch garnish so that wouldnt be a problem. it would jus be a case of makin sure i got the same spoiler as you so it fiteed, and any pics you have would be great. cheers

  • I've taken some shots of how its attached, I'll post them up tomorrow as I gotta go out tonight. I'm having trouble working out which size it is, either 56 or 60 I think but I'll try and confirm 2mo

  • Well finally I took my ridiculous chav/spide graphics off! Back to slightly in need of a retouch paintwork. It looks naked now! But I'm liking it, more of an anti mod, but the photo turned out good, so thought I'd share :D

  • @110d1a3346=Marco:

    I've taken some shots of how its attached, I'll post them up tomorrow as I gotta go out tonight. I'm having trouble working out which size it is, either 56 or 60 I think but I'll try and confirm 2mo

    Would it not be this one?

  • ahhh forgot all about those photos! But yea its that one, Though mine has the LED bar on it.

    I scored it off ebay for £70 delivered but wudda payed triple that because I love it!

    It was easy to fit, was bit of scary drilling through bodywork, and a bit of dremeling metal.

  • You can see ye olde gaskets have had their day!

    Oil everywhere!

    Crunchy gasket - came out in pieces, more coke than kate moss.

    New gasket with added red liquid gasket - 'cause I don't wanna be going back there in a hurry!

    My 323f brother said their V6 boys polished off their throttle body inlets, so I've started smoothing mine off to get rid of the harsh ridge. I tried hourglassing the butterfly but dear god its bullet proof to my dremel!

    So I'm now awaiting my IM gaskets before I can put her back together. And yes uk-admin there is a noticeable amount of coked oil sitting on top of a few valves, and also I can see a bit on top of one of the pistons :shock:

    Any advice? (please don't tell me take apart more of my engine! pour some cleaner in? )

  • Build up on the valves thickents the valve stem, usually on the back of the valve head and just above it.

    This stops the valve closing properly which in turn stops full compression and also stops the valve dissapating its heat properly, which can lead to it burning out.

    I can't see how bad they are so the judgement as to how bad they are is down to you, but its not difficult taking vavles out, just scary if you have not done it before.

    So it depends how bad it is as you will get some deposits through normal driving.

    I'm a trainee mechanic, so I will ask someone the best way to clean them if you want, but i'm not back into college until Thursday.


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