Where do i start?

  • Hi folks,

    I've been looking at doing the jump onto the 2.5 engine, i've saw a web site where i can order a 2.5 mx-6 engine quite cheap, but i don't know if they are the 200bhp or not (which is what i'm after :D ).

    But i would like to do some things to my car in the mean time, so would it be worth while doing the exhausts and induction kits, would these fit onto the mx-6 engine or would i just be wasting my pennies?


  • with out looking at pipe sizes ye they would ur exhaust get cat back done if its a similar style then u can get manifold down pipe and that made to fit to the cat if u get me, induction kit depends how it fits

  • if you buy a 2.5 manifold on ebay it will fit bothe the k8 and the ze

  • If i was you i would wait unitll you get your KLZE in, then with the 6 branch manifold fitted you can make your exhaust to fit.

    My 6 branch was different to my stock down pipe of the K8 and had to modify CAT to fit. I nthe end just made complete custom exhaust.

  • most bits are transferable. You could get a curved neck ZE intake, fidanza fly, ebay headers, turbo pipes, megasquirt…


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