Push Button Igniton

  • hey guys,

    anyone fit a push button ignition?

    If so, could you tell me which wire i can hook up a switch to as
    i'm getting this,


    and wanna hook it up to start the car.

  • theres about 6 wires, 4 for the different positions, and two black ones to power each of these, if you connect a black one to each of these seperately one will turn the starter without ignition, those are the ones you need to connect, although theres probably some science behind the two black positive wires, ones probably meant to go to ignition, while the other powers the starter maybe? so dont cut the wrong black wire :P

  • thanks, but i would like to still need the key!

    or am i being stupid, do you still need the key to do this?

  • you still need the key to turn the ignition on, you just don't need one to turn the starter, so if you pressed the button the starter motor would just continually turn, but the engine wouldn't fire as the ignition system wouldn't be on :wink:

  • You would also still need the key in to turn the immobiliser off.

  • would that only be if you dont have an aftermarket alarm and immobiliser

  • the immobiliser would work the same as before as your still using the same wiring :wink:

    if you could turn the engine over with the immobiliser on it'll still do that, usually its the fuel/ignition spark thats immobilised, companies may also immibilise the starter motor

  • i have a starter button on my car
    You will still need the key to get the imobilizer off, but i dont know the wires .
    It add's a little security to the car, because if the "son of a bit***" that's stealing the car doesnt have any idea of what that does … even do he breaks the ignition on the car, the car wont start...

    Ill try to explain this :
    If you dont put the key, the button wont do anything
    If you put the key, and turn it until the car starts , it wont do anything also
    If you put the key, turn it until the imobilizer is off, and then push the button, the car start's ... hope you get it ;)


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