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    Hi everyone, I hope your all keeping well and getting as much time working on your cars as possible!

    As you will all know, this forum has been getting quieter and quieter over the years, partly because of a reduction in the number of MX-3's on the road, and also thanks to places like Facebook.

    I still feel this site is a valuable place for owners to research, learn and communicate with each other.

    I have a pretty busy personal life, but I'm keen to keep this community going for as long as possible providing there is a want/need for it.

    So, if you use this site, please add a reply to this post with some details about what you use this site for, what you would like this site to offer, what you don't like about it and anything else you would like considered for the community.

    After a few week's I will review these posts and see what's possible, I can't promise anything, but feedback is very welcome.

    Of course, you can also direct message me if you don't want to post something on this topic.


  • Hi jono
    I use the site to hold my work log, research on mx3's and trouble shooting. I have parts for sale on here but only here, never advertised on any other sites.
    The only trouble I have with the site is that occasionally it crashes my smart phone and I can't get the pictures to automatically come up on the post's.

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    Hi @mazdax3, thanks for the feedback.

    There is an update available for the site core software, hopefully this will fix the issues you are having once it's installed.

  • Hello Jono,
    I use this site to gain a lot of knowledge about the MX3's i've had in the past and the one that i still have. (That will never be sold)
    Its also better to have a dedicated site where everyone knows that what they read will be referring to the MX3 and that other people can come to ask for advice when they need to.
    The only trouble that i have had is that when the upgrade occurred, the site lost who i was.
    I have noticed that a couple of others have had the same problem in the past.


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