MX-3 2.5V6 Monster

  • Hi Guys this is my first post on the forum so firstly - Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read my post.

    I have recently purchased my first Japanese car. She's a 1994 Mazda Mx-3 in silver. (I've named her Miriam) 😂 Originally it was a 1.8 but around 10-12 years ago someone spent a lot of money on her transforming her into a stripped out, roll caged 2.5 190bhp monster.

    I have many many receipts with the car showing that the work has been carried out professionally. Over 10k was spent on the build of this car. I have always had cars that have been tinkered with but nothing like this. After joining the forum I have done a search but still have a few questions.

    Firstly i bought this car as a cheap fun track day car and that's exactly what I intend on using it for, it is insured for road use but is NOT my every day drive will probably only cover a few thousand miles a year, but they will be rather demanding miles!

    So my first question - is there a way that the Japanese 180kph limiter can be removed? Although the car isn't an import, the 2.5 donor was! Meaning the most powerful version of the 2.5 is In there, but it's also restricted! :/

    Secondly after looking over the car when buying it it looks to be in very good condition for the year, but is there anything I particularly need to be aware of that's a common problem on the lovely little cars?

    Thirdly this seems to be a one off car, it would surprise me if such a car wouldn't be known on here somewhere, remembered by someone? It Spent most of its modified live in the Ashford area. And from what I can make out the majority of the work was carried out around 2002-2004

    And finally I can find lots of mx5 clubs and car meets but is there anything out there for Mx-3's or are there just not enough of them left any more?

    If you've made it this far through my post thank you again for reading and any info would be much appreciated! Cheers Joe.

    UPDATE - I have managed to find Garfy1981's post on the forum...

    It appears as though he never had the mega squirt kit fitted, or the lsd can anyone remember this car, does anyone know what happened to it after the roll cage was fitted? Were the rest of the planned mods finished? How could I check? Seems to be alot of history up to that point then nothing!

    Most importantly though is the 180kh limiter, my closest track is Snetterton and its topping out pretty fast on the straight!

  • @mx-3-2-5v6
    welcome and glad to hear the car is being used properly, Gareth would be too! I sold Garfy the LSD box years ago, had an Mfactory LSD, I sincerely hope it is in it or at least in someones car! Worst case would be some idiot not realising its worth! Easy way to test is jack it up, if both wheels spin in same direction LSD is in, if they spin opposite its standard diff.

    Watch for rust on rear arches. Check under the mini side skirts/spats. Distributors can go, megasquirt with coilpack or COP would be more reliable or there's an external coil mod.

    Yes I believe the limiter wire can be clipped, have a search on here or


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