Garfy1981's - KLZE Project superleggera

  • Sorry for delays guys, im not on internet much now days as i dont own a pc or have internet shock horror!!

    anyhow heres some pics im sure your figre out the mods lol, but i will try and update soon to detail every part.

    so bare with us guys, but i will try and get back to answer your questions etc.

    made 146whp dyno run 1 with complete standard 1.8 exhaust and cat
    made 188whp dyno run 2 with custom mandrel bent 2.5" stainless system and performance cat.

  • prob the cleanest bay on the site! fair play!

  • very nice, and shiney :)

  • how did you get your throttle cable to fit properly?? haveing problems lining mine up it wont open the butterfly fully, still trying to postion it right.

    Any tips would be great!

    Also vacuum system pics… struggling with mine it wont run properly and I have a spare hose!

  • lovely clean mx3 you got best of luck with it

  • Garfy mannnnnnnnn!

    You at any of the shows this year?

    Havent seen ya at any of em this year! :)

  • Hey guys thanks for the comments, its a working project that i started in 2003 but will be nice to see it finally finished, the next project is either a full respray or lsd gearbox.
    Im at Japfest, JAE and trax this year.

    oh i cheated and paid someone else to fit the engine as i knew nothing about engines when i started, im still learning :D

  • Long time no see,

    Seeing your MX3 at japfest last year was what got me set on doing a KLZE swap…. still havent got roung to doing it :roll: to many projects on the go.

    Did you ever install the megasquirt?

  • Not installed the megasquirt as not decided what stage 2 tuning process is yet, turbo, supercharger, or throttle bodies, but all will need some sort of ecu changing.

    just getting a few other parts bullet proof before next phase, lsd gearbox, driveshafts and rear brake upgrade.

  • Garfy1981 Mx-3 Spec


    2.5 KLZE Straightneck V6 engine
    KL36 ECU
    Magnecor blue custom made HT leads
    NGK Iriduim Plugs
    Blitz Air Filter.
    Blitz Oil filter.
    Mazdaspeed Performance Engine Mounts ( corksport )
    Engine Poilishing. ( Fading slowly :( )
    Thermostatic Mocal Oil Cooler with stainless piping. ( pics to follow)
    Only run on super-unleaded 97-99 Ron

    K8 1.8 V6 gearbox
    Clutchmasters stage 2 clutch ( rr-racing )
    Fidenza flywheel ( rr-racing )


    Hotshot headers ( rr-racing )
    Custom made 2.5 inch mandrel bent exhaust with hi-flow cat, 3 inch outward rolled tip.


    Willwood custom made front big brake conversion, c/w stainless steel hoses.

    Rear Standard, c/w stanless steel hoses.

    Performance brake fluid.


    Custom made coilover set up, adjustable height.


    BK Racing 17x7 239 Wheels
    Front; Freebie Falken tyres ( to be replaced to match rear ) 205/40/17
    Rear; Prada spec 2 yokohama 205/40/17


    Standard, apart from vauxhall corsa bonet lifters
    Tinted rear lights.
    Clear front bumper indicator conversion
    Mazda 6 side repeaters


    Reverse Glow dials ( speedhut )
    Corksport Rear strut brace ( pics to be added )
    Battery Relocation to rear ( pics to be added )

    I.C.E/ Security

    Cobra That 1 alarm/immob. with window closure.

    Spend to date since 2004 inc cost of car servicing/modifications. Not inc tax or insurance/petrol.
    £12,000 :shock:

    Future plans.

    Quaife ATB Diff, mx6 Gearbox with longer 5th Gear.
    Throttle bodie conversion
    Standalone engine management system
    Lightweight alloys
    Get rid of air bag steering wheel.

  • mocal oil cooler

    rear strut and battery relocation

  • that is one sweet set up! you've done it all right. Very tastefully done! do the oil cooler feeds come from the filter area?

  • looks nice, what sort of ride do the coilovers give?

  • hey,

    with the oil cooler, you take off the original filter and bolt on a sandwich plate which has 2 lines from it, then the oil filter bolts onto this, the two lines connect to the oil rad and thats about it. There is two options with the sandwich plate thermosatic or non-thermostatic. Mine is thermostatic so that the oil has time to reach temperature before the oil cooler opens and vica versa maintaining a optimum oil temperature.

    The coilovers are good but very harsh as they were built by a race company they are made for track use, which makes road use very harsh ! it has adjustable height so will lower it once it settles.
    As usual i ordered them about may 2007 when nothing existed for the mx3. A month later the K-Sport ones were available. And these have adj damping and also look really good for the price available on the group buy. Oh well. It was also the same story with the big brake conversion! Guess I should learn to be patient!

  • lol that's a sad story! What company was it? Well I'm sure you could sell your customs to one of the americans who mainly track with thier 3. But you'll get used to ride… probably :P

    Oil cooler sounds easier than I thought. Probably creates an easy place for turbo feed too? Did you get the cooler off ebay?

    I hope you pull off the throttle bodied intake, would be immense!

    lol at 12k, that's a fair bit.
    Lets compare to a hyundai 2.7 coupe to cheer you up
    £18,495 - ouch
    165bhp - owned
    0-60 - 8.3 owned
    Looks pretty sweet - so does the 3
    Brakes - owned
    Handling - in a hedge

    But seriously, I take it alot of that was on your custom brakes and suspension?

  • I'm keen to fit an oil cooler as do a few track days, very interested in were you sourced yours from..


  • yes, most of my money has gone on custom parts such as exhaust, suspension, and brakes, the total of the 3 is around 3K, then engine etc etc. But i enjoy every part of it so its all worth it, everyone has to have a hobby right lol!!

    The oil cooler parts are all sourced from demon tweeks with no problems. I actually have a spare non- thermostatic sandwich plate if your interested? say a tenner?

    The main pain with the cooler was getting it behind bumper and trimming the required parts, but once its on plumbing it in prob only took an hour including replacing oil.

  • Yeah i'll have the plate please PM me the details on how you want the money..

  • Cricky a year since my last post, well had the mx3 MOTd in aug2008 and its only done 500miles since then. Only addition is removal of air bag wheel and new momo wheel, which is much better. Other than that its still the same.
    Few clips of recent action;

    was good to push it to limit, you can see where RWD is so much easier to handle on track, FWD power, braking, and steering was bit of handful on corners but straights were good!, i have a new found obsession with the small 2seaters ( elise, catherham, VX220 ) could be a possible future replacement for the mx :shock:

    From 1st May poor mx willl sit in Garage to save bit of money, can be trailored to track so may get some more use this year.


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