Major overhaul on the mx3

  • Here is my mx3 this pic was taken last year shes been under a cover for years since my sister passed away, she loved this car for the attitude it has.. With a meaty v6 sound it made a loud statement everywhere she went. Im going to rebuild it and get it on the road as soon as iv finished my current project.. Basically replace all the suspension and bushes the brakes basically everything it rolls on.. The body is pretty good considering the sunroof had a leak.. Its a mess at the moment but im willing to do whatever needs doing to see her drive again

  • Looks like it needs a lot of work buddy. Good luck with the restoration, give me a shout if you are after some parts as I have loads in the garage.

  • Cheers, might need a fuel pump soon not sure yet tho.. Stuck in a jerry can of fresh petty an a set of plugs an tried starting her up but i think the pumps blocked up with old gammy petrol.. Needs a good clean.. i think theres no fuel getting through as i took the injector rails off an turned it over and there not squirting.. there also stinking if old petrol.. Any advice in future would be much appreciated as im a bike builder/restorer this is my first proper car resto

  • There's a diagnostic port in engine bay - black square with a lid.

    Jump the FP (fuel pump) and ground with the key set to on. You should hear the whir of the fuel pump under the back seat.

    I've a standard FP here if you find it is broken.

  • Okay cheers I get what your saying ill have a look tomorrow.. after looking at the engine properly iv noticed afew perished pipes and bodges here and there.. I really need to change the oil and filter also flush out the water as I took off the top radiator hose and found a white powder inside so im not happy about that.. I want a new rad anyway so im gonna buy a load of bits asap and get the engine to a standard im happy with before starting it up.. I might even treat her to a nice induction kit and afew shiny bits.. cant wait to get stuck in!

  • Needs a new fuel pump.. Anybody got one for sale or know of a cheaper alternative?

  • Yea I've one about somewhere! Will try and find it tomorrow.

  • Cheers pal how much you wanting for it?

  • Im already thinking about a KLZE swap.. Any advice? Can i just stick one in and thrash it or should i change afew bits

  • Sent you an email about the fuel pump if you still need it. ZE, they're fine but if you like to be up near the limiter swap the intake side valve springs for KLDE ones to avoid dropping valves.

  • Think iv sorted a fuel pump i took a gamble on an ebay universal pump £16.95.. Looks similar except the filter mesh is slightly wider, heres the item number if your curious 221652844417.

    Im gonna do abit more research on this ZE engine,

    I got the idea when i found this website

  • Pump works perfect she fired up after afew pumps on the throttle.. Sounds abit rough but im happy to hear it.. Next step full service to get her running smooooth

  • That rough sound is the aux belt tensioner.. Im not gonna start it now until iv replaced all the belts and tensioner bearings.. Also the clutch arm has siesed up so thats gonna be a bitch! Good thing i love this car

  • I'm back after completing my other project and I'm ready to rebuild the mx3 iv been in contact with a local painter to get a rough price on a full respray £900.. Not sure if that's reasonable so I'll get a few more quotes and go from there.. I'm removing the engine to give it a good service I already tried changing the belts but snapped a pulley wheel mount or something so iv decided to remove the engine as I'll be replacing all the hoses and any perished parts.. Its been sat for around 10 years!!!! The back arches are surprisingly good they feel smooth and I'm really happy with it overall.. The plan is to replace all the rolling gear.. Wishbones droplinks track rod ends struts shocks all the bushes basically everything and then I'd be happy.. Iv got two motorbikes to sell come summertime to boost the build that's £1700 minimum to spend on it.. I'm hoping to get a spray job and all the suspension and rolling gear the rest I will pay for weekly working my ass off.. Its a long project but I'm dedicated to it as this car means so much to me.

  • I do need a part if anybody could help.. Its the bar at the bottom of the chassis behind the front bumper.. I haven't had a proper look but it looks removable.. Either that or I'd have to get someone to fab n weld it up


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