Hector's - KLZE Turbo Project

  • A yes.. after having my ze for almost a year. the time has come.

    So far I got

    All the turbo pipes, t3/t4 trim turbo.(4 psi at first)
    AEM wideband gauge, bosh wideband sensor.
    Cosmo AFPR with gauge.
    Probe gt SE intercooler.
    Tial 4psi yellow spring waste gate.
    HKS knock off blow off valve.

    Will probably get some mIllenia S injectors.

    My first goal is 4psi.

    Now whats coming is I got a MSII kit coming in a few weeks.
    Of course, WALBRO fuel pump will be here too.

    After I am MS and its installed and ready to go. Ill bumo it to 8 psi.

    Ill get pics as soon as possbile.

    As for now the car has a klze, fidanza flywheel, gripforce stage 3 clutch, hei mod, nitto drag radials, cai and gutted out.


    Ok got some direction. I got an FMU 12:1 and the cosmo afpr which will be using in conjuction. All I need now is just the fuel pump. The stock ze injectors should be sufficient at first for 4 psi. I got the wideband gauge to help me determine if I lean out. If I do, millenia injectors time.

  • were running 4psi atm,

    spins them in 3rd lol.

    16.7 is standard for engine :shock:

  • Update

    Oks the pipes bolted on EASY. If you have ssautochrome headers, no need to swap em out. The only thing that had to be done is banf the pipe a bit to clear the tgransmission. Just like a millimeter.

    Here are the pics sorry the glare.. and its my cell.


    Now.. im kinda stumped a bit lol…

    how do ig et the turbo to align with the trottle body? its like way off lol.

    The turbo nicely clears the radiator and it nicely sits where the cai was. So ill be running pipes to intercooler there.

    I unbolted the exhaust pipe because im getting a wideband bung welded in, well o2.

    I didnt think it was this easy to bold them..

    I got oil feed from the oil sending line.

    Ill post more pics as progress goes on.

    I got the oil return line today so tomorrow I drill.

  • admin

    Looking good so far mate :)


    how do ig et the turbo to align with the trottle body? its like way off lol.

    Why would you want it to?? The pipe from the intercooler goes to the TB.

    How are you dealing with the front to back crossmember? Did you have to cut and re-weld it?


  • Ahh yes I got it figured out LOL…

    Ok I am using a small mount side intercooler. I believe from a mx6 or pgt turbo. I now understand how the pipes go. The tb pipes im running to the intercooler then to the turbo.

    I have yet to tackle the cross member. Right now Im concentraring on the intercooler piping (lifting the engine with a cherry picker to the stock height.)

    Also I had a hard time with the oil return line. Ill be using an oil hose but will be upgrading it to metal drain line.

  • admin

    Am I right in thinkin your not running Megasquirt to start with??

    I didnt know the ze ecu could handle it???


  • yeah the ecu (probinator chipped ecu) Will handle around 4lbs of boost with a walbro fuel pump, fmu and afpr.

    I will be running megasquirt. That one Ill get next week but not bolt on yet.

    Also today what i did.

    Figured out intercooler piping and cut the fender well where the cai usually goes. Ill be using 2.0 piping from turbo to intercooler, and 2.0 to 2.5 coupler and then to 2.5 piping to the tb.

    Ill be intercooled @ 4 psi for a few weeks, When I get my megasquirt and figure it out ill install it along with some millenia injectors.

    I got a wideband to tune of course.

    Ill tackle the cross member over the weekend.

  • Ok almost done. I am currently tackling the cross member task.

    FMU AFPR are all connected. So is boost gauge and wideband bung is done.

    Gonna change the couplers i believe. The black ones seem pretty thick tho.

  • admin

    Nearly there then :)

    Does the BOV fit well over the turbo like that?

    Get some samco silicone ones, they are pretty good from what I hear.

    Did you turn the cold side of the turbo to face down?

    Cant wait to see it running


  • Im almost done, ill post tomorrow. Yes I did replace the black coupler with a good one. More room. The bov doesnt touch the turbo. I did turn it the other way around tho. I clocked the turbo to the front so that it will connect with the intercooler.

    Ill post pics :) almost done. The cross member was a bit tricky but its getting there.

  • Ok its ready to go. I just need for it to stop raining so i can start her. The oil line is feady too, just havent connected.

    cross member looks cheap, its not.. its very stury and strong.

    here is the oil line and you can see the intercooler.

    and last

    Ill post a video of the start up.

  • Ok im done sorta…

    I had problems reading boost but that was because the intercooler hose was coming off. Got that resolved. My intercooler is way to low, ill move it a bit up.

    It goes to 5 psi :S i only want 4.

    Also I will NOT drive it.. its to lean. At idle im at 11. But as i drive off at 3 k rpms im at 14 and higher 16 :S OW ...

    so yeah walbro is a MUST .

    It runs way nice compared to stock but still i wont drive it.

    The car ran without a fan for a good 6 - 7 minutes running at night with cool air. Didnt overheat at all. Engine is not hot to the touch. bov works fine. Turbo seems fine.. there was oil in the outlet just a bit.. maybe its a bad turbo.

    Doesnt smoke at all. my down pipe is cut, ill weld it next week. It spools NICE.. but its way to lean. So yes I know everyone told me.. YOU NEED AT LEAST a WALBRO.. and I bet even with that.. at high rpms we will be leaning out. One i actually went 17! . :S def wont be driving the car at all until i get the pump in there.

    Ill post a short vid tomorrow.

  • ok


    Excuse the mess… they are dummy wires.. they used to be for the fans. Only have one fan now. Not sure if the turbo is good.. it had some oil in the bellhousing. Ebay.. figures.. anywho all it needs its a walbro pump.

    Im not driving it. Im moving the itnercooler up, its to low.

    Wideband rewads lean because its cold, when it warms it reads 10 at idge which is to rich. Causes car to die at idle. I did adjust it and its driveable but i cant floor it or it will lean out.

  • admin

    Good work dude,

    Watching that makes me wana get a loan to do mine :( lol


  • me too would love to slap a turbo on mine, would b a laugh in mind but not in pocket!!!

  • It seems the ebay turbo is not of good quality LOL I kinda knew it from the start… I got a back up one from a friend. The oil seals on the exhaust side seem to leak into the downpipe a bit.

  • Ok guys .. finally a video.. Im almost done with phase 1 which is tune it for 5 psi.


    Sorry its a bad video.. I didnt have my afs correct.

    I have one problem… My af rations seem to want to hang at 12.2 - 13.5 at WOT. Supposed to be around 12 and no more than 13. At idle i am super rich.. like 10. I suspect an incorrectly set tps mox with idel air screw. Also my fmu was not gettign enough vac. The turbo itself is good. no play and doesnt burn oil.

    Ill try to get another vid tomorrow. Walbro pump is installed.

    I started to read on my megasquirt and will begin install once I get the millenia injectors.

    By the way the car pulls LIKE crazy all the way trough 6 k rpms. I dont take it any higher as i need to properly tune it.

    I have not replaced the plugs which can cause them to heat up and detonation can occur.

    The car is now driveable, Yesterday I drove for whole 2 hrs. I know understand the turbo concept.. usually at normal driving you arent really at boost. When you want to get boost all you do is floor it.

    Kinda like nitrous but the power is always there.

    I drove today for anoter hour and back. Drives fine like any other car.

    One problem i got its that it dies at idle, i need to adjust the tps and idle air screw and possibly change the spark plugs. af at idle is 10.

    afpr is set to 50 psi. fmu is a 12.1.

    Ill post more pics and vids soon.

  • awh man love that noise! How much has it costed you all together so far? I gave you 5 ;) (for the setup not the camera work :P )

  • It costed like 700 You get what you pay for tho.. the turbo seals seem bad. Smoke comes out the exhaust pipe. Took out the plugs to gap them and theres no oil in there. The turbo housing has little oil. Im sure its the exhaust side seals. I had stock 45 gap and at high rpms it was blowing up… was nasty,, gapped the plugs to 30 and its all good. All i need to get well is anoither turbo.. this one will be ok for daily driving.

  • where did you get the piller mounted gage pod


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