Update the top 10?

  • Due to being sick of seeing that gold 1.6 hooker car being sold, resold and re-resold on ebay every damn day.

    Lets update the top 10 MX-3s on this site, since there is no way to update it with a poll… I give you.

    The open vote thread:

    For the next 2 weeks:

    We all have a chance to say about the rules, so get them ideas posted.

    How many votes should we have?
    What area's are we voting for? (Stock, JDM Parts, Customized)


    After that, I'll publish the rules we have set, then the 2 weeks of voting will start.


    Submissions should be in the form of:

    At least 1 Image:
    A <10 min video clip (I can host these)
    A block of text about the submission.
    Pointing to your work log won't cut it, sell your car to the voters!

    Votes will be covered later as I has to go out nows.

  • good plan.

    I recommend both of DJs cars. especially the factory equipe. looking forward to seeing that at japfest.

    oh an you cant leave mooneggs out.

  • Mine for stock? :oops: :lol:

  • Mine for stock!

  • Updated the OP, these 2 weeks are for getting the rules sorted out, Its unfair that one person should make them, so lets as a group, build them up ya?

  • **Mine's in the top 3 in the Garage area, and it's bone stock to look at :lol:

    It's top for ICE, when all I've got is upgraded factory size/location speakers and a double-DIN Kenwood RDS radio/CD/cassette (really) with a swirly face :D**

  • I cant log on to my garage. Keep getting error 1 in the adress bar.. 'sup with that?

  • Mine can be worst mx-3 if you like, in the last couple of months she's fallen to pieces on me :(

  • I guess I fooked up my password or something, cuz I tried a different account and works now.. Can somebody delete the SstennizZ garage? KEEP SstennizZ® please! :P

  • :shock: :shock: I am in 2nd place

    I will put both mine in but they wont be up to speed until end of march / april, I have so much to catch up on after the move, heres a list of bits waiting…..

    Full Stainless exhaust system fitting
    JDM front lip
    Power folding mirrors and wiring
    Source a suitable rear diffuser ( have found one that may fit )
    Mazdaspeed top spoiler
    Full service again ( 6 months is up since last one)

    The service and exhaust have to be done before dyno day at the end of Feb

    I also have the OEM monster to strip and repair, thats a full major service cambelt + waterpump, new pads all round restore alloys, fit new headlight and put everything back to how it came out of the factory plus a major valet as the interior is green with mould now.

  • Guys guys guys read the op.

    Stop submitting cars start bitchign about the rules and mash something up.

  • ohhhhhhhhhhh handbags lol!!

    Id suggest we submit a list of atleast 40-50 mx-3s and then open a poll somehow to get it down to a top 10.

    still not too sure how to make it work in theory tho ??

    maybe you could also use the results to make a uk based top 10 and a world based top 10 ??.

    if i have 50 mx-3s staring at me id like to vote on 10 of them in order from 1-10. Then give it a scoring system so number 1 got 10 points and then number 10 got 1 point. Then see who has the most points and then bammmm theres your top 10!!!.

    atleast voting that way each voter can vote for their own preference whether its jdm, engine, looks etc!.

    thats it im out of ideas! :D

  • I think points system would be easiest like above. have everyone that wants to be part of it post pictures of their cars and write the specs and then we go from there.

  • Yep, and make it so you can't vote for your own car :lol: :wink:

  • ahh good call fox.!

  • @fa6b006d85=Lori:

    mash something up.

    **Done that:

    I can haz prize nao?**

  • I reckon points out of 10 for quality and workmanship then extra points for either condition for OEM or points for JDM extras, that way it would go up for those who have done more to their car.
    Although looking at that
    Congrats to Marco for winning
    LOL scrap my idea

  • @c8ebab2c6a=Famine:


    mash something up.

    **Done that:

    I can haz prize nao?**

    Doesn't count, it's French so deserved it :D

  • **That was done when the owners of it drove into the back of my MX-3…

    On a slightly less facetious note, the problem is that we each rate different modifications (or lack of) differently - and how we treat our individual cars reflect that.

    We won't go into Marvin here, but he's a stripped out track slag because I want a stripped out track slag. If you don't like stripped out track slag '3s, you won't vote him very highly at all.

    Similarly Red is an OEM+ point-to-point cruiser - she looks like a stock '3 outside, an SE on the inside and most of the goodies are things you can't see. I think she's quite a special example, but if you're going to vote her highly, you'll vote anything standard just as highly.

    Take nightstalker's Bert. I love Bert - he's a little bastard - but I wouldn't do anything to mine that nightstalker's done to Bert. Bert's marmite personified (errr… carified?) and I'll wager most will hate him. Hell, nightstalker hates him, but for different reasons.

    About the only thing most of us can agree on is that we hate the sinus-fluid one (except the interior, which is nice if high-maintenance).

    While I get it, I genuinely don't think we need a list of the best MX-3s. Mine are the best - for me. Yours is the best for you (unless they're not finished, or you're nightstalker). A list of those belonging to prominent members ought to be enough.**

  • but there are always mx-3s out there that you admire, hell i love marcos and gulfs mx-3s and wish i had gulfs paint work and marcos engineering.
    Theres more too, mooneggs track slag loads more. Its only others that continue to work on theirs and inspire me to pull my finger out and to do some work to mine. :wink:


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