My project Log

  • Bout time I added to this section :)

    Work will be slow to to start as I'm not mechanicaly minded, (You might have guessed from the questions I've been asking)

    Done a few things since paying for the car,

    1. Replaced the Eunos arm rest for the UK spec one. (has the heated switch blankers)

    2. Replaced the airbox with something a mate had in his garage.
    3. Removed that god forsaken chavtastic exhaust (Pics to come of that)
    4. Replaced the badly warn kick plates.
    5. Gave it a good clean (inside only - If i keep the outside dirty you can't see the shitty paint job the last owner did)

    Note: Yes I know my car has had a stroke, it's being fixed.

    Images are here

    I'll update with pics and stuff as and when.

    Don't hate the facehugger!

  • LOL. Loving the face hugger :lol: Don't worry, mines had a stroke too. Can I have your front seats?

    Looks like a good start, keep the updates coming.

    Annnd one more thing, clean the damned thing!

  • @5d11e1da89=nightstalker:

    clean the damned thing!

    I agree, come on Lori clean that byatch :D

  • I'll get the soap out this weekend… :)

  • Wow.. Talk about lacking updates lol.

    History, The black one (I've yet to come up with names) started failing quicker then I could fix it so it became a Pick en Mix for my new Eunos.

    Images of them both sitting purdy in the car park.

    Next comes the task of taking everything out of Black thats in better nick then Red and doing the whole Pick'n'mix :)

    Seats, Dash, Switches (Added the headed mirror switch while I was at it)

    The Alarm had to be swapped over (As crap as a Sigma M4 is anyways)

    With that day over, and with the V5 time to look up the MOT history (Yeah, I should have done this BEFORE I paid £450 for it.

    Needless to say the DVLA states that:
    Discs are shot
    Pads are shot
    Break hoses are shot
    Fuel lines are shot
    Rear shocks are worse then shot
    2 CV joints are almost none-existant
    Sills are just laughable with car killing rust
    Exhaust leaks major exhaust gasses
    Sunroof motor is shot
    and 2x holes near a body mounting point

    But hey, the body work is in better nick and this engine (Once the Dizzy, HT's, and battery were swapped over) has the power to skin custard!

    Old Engine Bay

    New one

    The car being welded back together atm so I'll keep the updates coming along :)

  • Quick update :)

    Picked up

    Glass headlights
    Front uk lip
    German rear light set (bth sides)
    flyeye kit
    HID 8k
    Full cruise control set :)

    Pics to follow soon once everything has arrived :)

  • nice work so far bud, my main prior to any serious modding is tidying up aswell :D

  • Ok

    Had a delivery of some parts

    Will update again soon now some progress can be made :)

  • wow lots of work going on here! How did the welding go? I'm impressed with the defiance to rust!

  • Not bad, it's being done (had to wait for my mates MR2 Turbo engine rebuild)

    Due to cost atm it's only going to be a patch job, when funds are a little more free, it will be back up on the ramps and redone so you can't see it :)

    It's also have all the break lines and hoses replaced.

  • woah, this thing has some potential mate! I'm excited to see a nice, clean Eunos out of this one!

  • @c4ea1644e8=SteeleMX3:

    woah, this thing has some potential mate! I'm excited to see a nice, clean Eunos out of this one!

    I still want your front bumper tho!!! (or at least the reflectors in it :) )

  • Welding done, everything back together but the two rear calps are shot to hell and back :(

    Also, for some reason, mines got 323F brakes!

    lol WTS 6 shot to frack calps :)

  • you could of had my calipers if you asked….

  • didn't know I needed any at that time bud or I would have lol

  • Can't believe you paid £450 for that!! If you ever want another mx-3 I always have at least 2 for sale at any one time.

    Interested to know more about the Cruise control if you have any info on it. What do you need? where does it fit? any pics of it in car? car you put it on any mx-3? or just imports?

  • Yeah tell me about it :(

    I'll update with CC info on the weekend.

  • According to the info I has:

    What you need to add CC

    -Cruise control module
    -All of the cruise control switches
    -Cruise actuator and cable
    -Front harness
    -Pedal assembly from cruise control equipped MX-3

    Most CC MX3's are in Canada from what I can find so Import job and the nice guys on the American site are happy to ship over here (some of them)

    (Left Links due to size)

    If you look at Steels Project log you can see where the cruise on-off buttons are on the dash, so I think for the UK\Eunos dash's some nice custom work will be needed. (to make things smaller I'm going to use the CC master switch off a MX5.

    Also, You need the V6 Loom, My Eunos has the connectors for a plug and play but not sure on the UK spec ones.

    Project update

    Welding done \0/
    Installed 2 new rear calps and found one that was faulty.
    The replacement calp was faulty
    The replacement for the replacement was faulty and I'm now awaiting another to turn up :)

  • Got it back today!

    Just need to sort out the headlights as the adjusters are fooked on them :@

  • just to add to the CC topic, I've never seen an MX3 in the yards over here in Canada without Cruise in it. So if anyone wants the list of items Lori has listed above I'd be glad to go and sort it out. I've been out of work lately so it'll be nice to go and do something! :D


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