Insurance for japanese import mx-3

  • Hi everyone, I am new to the forums so I thought I would say hi. Anyway I am thinking of buying a mx-3 japanese import and I was wondering if anyone had any good companies that I could try who would insure for a good price. The model I am looking at is a mx-3 1.5i . I am 18 years old, I have 0 no claims bonus as this would be my first car to insure. What do you think would be a good quote for one of these. Would it be best to contact insurance companies who specialise in japanese imports. I think I will have to go on the policy on my own as I need to build up my no claims bonus as I was thinking of directline as named drivers can earn no claims with them but I don't know if they insure imports. Any help or advice anyone could give me would be very much appreciated.


  • where abouts are u from mate?in sheffield area ud be lookin at £2000,maybe more.but i just quoted 3 roads away just out of sheffeild and got a quote for £200 less,the thieving buggas:D try,thats where i got my cheapest quote from.good luck:)

  • I am from east sussex, not to far away from hastings.

  • Welcome mate,

    cheapest i found at the end of March this year was with Sainsburys :lol:

    yeah i know i couldnt believe it either,
    out of about 10 compaines i looked at myself (some were specialist brokers too), plus all these internet based ones that are supposed to search nearly all companies on your behalf; the Sainsburys policy is by far the best cover - and was still the cheapest when i reduced the voluntary excess to £0 - and so far without any hastle to get it all set up.

    Good luck mx3king - let us know how you get on.

  • thanks GSCMX3 . I will have to try sainsburys then. I have tried and the cheapest quote I got on their was £2100 from quinn direct. I got a funny quote from adrian flux. They sent the quote by email and it said from the details you provided we can provisionally offer a price of £25 . I wish and I bet we all wish it would cost that much. They must have ment £2500 .

  • is it that mazda on ebay by any chance?

  • That is the one I see yes . I was just looking around and I liked it straight away but it is just finding insurance for it.

  • Adrian Flux have been unbeatable for me for the past 3 years. In the first year of having my 3 I was insured with Direct Line with 0 no claims and I paid £1800 FC :shock: (still cant believe I paid it) . 2nd year I went with Adrian Flux and it was £920 FC. 3rd year Flux again £380 FC. Currently with Flux paying £250 FC :D . they specialise in modified cars, kit cars and grey imports. Oh and they like young drivers as well :D

  • just was looking at it, how weird, u should try Keith micheals they r who im with, they were the cheapest quote i got
    If not mate try and find a uk 1.6

  • As I said I did try adrianflux with an online quote and they sent me an email with a quote of £25 :? I guess they ment £2500 and I think that was only for TPFT . The car I am looking at has got a very good alarm system. It is called a steel mate, I don't know if anyone knows anything about these but apparantly they are good and are quite expensive. You can start your car without unlocking the car and you can do it from inside your house but no one can drive the car away because it is still locked. Also if anyone is tamporing with your car the keyfob rings and flashes. Should this help out with my quote. I have filled in a few online quotes today but I didn't hear no replies. Maybe I might hear from some tomorrow, I will call some and state that it has this alarm and hopefully that will help me out a little.

  • You want to check that the car has the alarm certificate, coz it wouldnt make any differance wat alarm it is unless you have the certificate.

  • im 19 and have been insured on a bmw 316 and 518 under policies and am now out on my own with my import 1.5i dohc insurance isnt that bad! anyway mx3 not too bad u should be able to go with any company they really look at imports to be more skylines and sylvias etc.

  • Does anyone know if directline accept imports?

  • Adrian Flux, £700 a year, ZE all mods declaired, Im nearly 23 tho..

  • Direct Line : £674 for 1.8 v6, with 4yrs no claims and aged 24, with 1 smash, thank god for protected NC, but adrian flux are a top notch insurance mate, you can practically drop a wet NOS kit in your motor and it dont change your insurance much…... or so im lead to beleive

  • I phoned 2 insurance companies today that I was advised to try but none of them could beat my best quote so far of £2100 from quinn direct. The companies I tried was sureterm and 2gether , sureterm didn't even give me a quote because they said that they didn't think they could improve on my best quote because of my age. 2gether also said that they didn't think they could beat my best quote so they wasn't of any help. I will have to keep trying to see what I can find. Would it be cheaper and easier to insure a UK mazda mx-3 1.6 . I was mainly looking at the 1.5 because it had a smaller engine and thought I could save on insurance over the 1.6 but seeing as though it is an import I guess I won't be able to save as many companies will be worried about my age (18) with an import. If anyone who is 18 or around this age who has got or had experience in this and could help me it would be very much appreciated. I appreciate everyones help which I have received so far.

  • dude dont give them your qoute till they have qouted you, never ever give an insurance company your previous quote till after they have done one, cause basically i used to sell the stuff and know all the tricks, if you gave me a quote for a car at 2100 for example and my qoute came back 1000 say, im gonna tell you its 2000, net me an easy 1000 profit, and still keeping you happy by beating it by 100, instead of the full 1100, see wot i mean???


  • Thanks for the advice lequetis. I won't do that when getting quotes from now on. I stated my quote to see if they could beat it but as you said they could just beat it by 100 pounds and to me that would be a good improvement when it could of been alot more.

  • A mate of mine sells insurance for RBS and the general rule of thumb they use is if something gives you an "x"% increase in power the it entails an "x"% increase in your premium.

  • im with Keith micheals, i was 20 wen insured it, altho im 21 now , 1.8v6 1 year no claims 720 tpft!! the only other that was close was adrian flux 1000 quid. ihad been driving a year and a half tho


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