Our MX6 J-spec track car project

  • Bought a j-spec 2.5 v6 KLZE 4 wheel steering MX6 yesterday with the intention of stripping it out and using it on track days.

    The owners says the clutch needs doing but driving it around the carpark there doesnt seem any problems. It needs a speedo sender unit off the gearbox and an inner track rod end on the passenger side but other than that its good to go.

    Plans are to strip it of everything non-essential, lower it using the set of -35mm springs I have and swap the front shocks for the pair of Tokico gas ones i've got in the lockup. Stick a cheapy CAI and strut braces on, De-cat pipe and a few other bits to perk up the bhp and give it a blast. I have an HD camcorder which we'll be mounting inside.

    Heres some pics

    Needs a damn good clean up under the bonnet but its still a cheap winter project. Plan is to sell off all the bits removed to pay for the car, clutch and other bits n bobs hopefully. If anyone has a clutch kit, speedo sender unit, or performance parts available let me know. Thanks

  • Cool! You'd best put some go faster stripes on it too if you reckon you are coming past me!! LOL

  • quick question mate. I take it yours is an out n out track car, no mot/tax etc? when you've been to Castle Coombe and Brands to they just inspect the car or ask for docs?

  • Very nice. A good little project there. I nearly bought one of these years ago. Keep us updated, looks interesting :D

  • looks like a good project.
    You should slip on the lighter mx3 flywheel if doing the clutch, did see one on ebay for £35.00 bargin modification!

  • All they ask for at track days is your full driving licence, coombe did'nt even want to see that LOL, cars are not looked at / inspected, the only thing they check on the car is the noise level with a noise meter, that will depend on what track/time you are doing, so make sure its not loud!! Mine puts out about 85db, think the brands daytime limit is 105db.

  • I have a K8 flywheel for sale.


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