Just dropping in!

  • :D

    Quick hello to the people that may remember me!

    Havent heard any more from Daryl, but would love to see how the old 3 is doing these days! (not very from what i've already been told!) :?

    Im afraid I dont have any stickers left for the people who asked! Soooorrryyyyy!!!

    Also does the fella with the big HILUX and green and black power boat still post on here?

    Walked past the boat and Hilux at Trax this year! 8)

    Anyways, just thought i'd drop in as I received a message from Garfy which was nice!

    Hope your all well, and ready for xmas! :)

  • hello mate, did drop freedom a messge other day and not received a reply yet.

    Glad all is well, liking the new look elise of yours.

  • How comes yours is sat up at the mo dude?

    Looked a good day at brands in ya vids!

    And cheers, although she's up for sale atm! Fancy a change!!! lol

  • expanded the family by 1 back in may 2008. In december 2008 i definately had to move out of 1bed flat !, so brought a two bed project house cheap as chips. So to save some cash to spend on house its been parked up since may 2009 after tax,mot,and insurance all ran out :( . Will be back on road feb 2010.

    Heard you in market for a family car?.

    Mines a ford focus estate! boring yet very reliable!

  • Hi RS,

    The car is nearly back together:

    • I've removed the hydraulic suspension as it needs some attention it was weeping a bit on 3 of the struts.
    • Rebuilt the top end of engine as it had overheated and blown and painted. (turned out it was a leak in a top rad hose that wasn't leaking water but was sucking in air and over pressurising, took me a while to find that!!)
    • Put Yellow rear number plate on it for mot.
    • Put washer jets on it for mot, I put them where the wipers fit.
    • Put side repeater indicators on for mot.
    • Added a second foglight that is used as a side light for mot.
    • Cleaned up the rust andpainted it, then undersealed it all.

    Its Taxed and tested now, just got to fix one of the hard pipes for the auto gearbox cooler and then put new inner boot plastics in, refit the rear wiper motor and blade and then it will be ready to sell.

  • RS,

    Any news on the left over paint? I'm happy to pay you for it and delivery.

    Just let me know what you want for it.

  • Congrats on the family Garfy! :)

    Yeah the mrs is preggers at the mo, so selling the Lotus!

    Good to see the old girls been given a new lease of life Daryl!

    As for the paint, its still sat around in my mates workshop, although im not sure when i'l be going down there next!

    I'l grab it when I next go there for ya and will pm ya!

  • ah I was wondering what happened to this famous mx-3… I saw you had posted the hydraulics for sale... good luck on them it's a unique system!


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