Stereo dead

  • My stereo wont work :( basically fitted a sub which then got taken out and since i plugged it all back it doesnt work. Even brought new wiring from the dash to stereo and still no luck. I checked all the fuses i could find (stereo and the fuse box on the dash) and i dont know where else to start? Is there anymore fuses i need to check?
    Oh and its not the stereo because i tired my mates one and still nothing.
    Cheers people.

  • Have you checked the earthing?

  • where would the earth be mate? like mazda's original one?

  • @83e55209c8=kez:

    where would the earth be mate? like mazda's original one?

    Haven't the foggiest fella. If you check there might be a diagram, or someone might pop up and let you know on here.

  • your best bet is to trace your wires, once you get started its not that difficult :)

  • tried to trace the wires but i cant get that bit of trim off to see where the wires go under the stereo because i dont want to break it lol will give it another go tommorow

  • One basic thing to check is that you have power getting there.

  • fixed it guys. Turned out it was the earth. Its nice to have music back, even though it was nice hearing my exhaust for a week or so lol. Thanks for your help.,


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