Corner Balancing??

  • Anyone know of any firm who can do this down south????

  • Sorry mate don't know any one who carries this out. I am guessing, but they must put the car on 4 separate scales and shift weight around through out the car to get the optimal balance. Sounds very serious.

    Keep us up to date with this sounds very interesting.

  • Oooh it's getting serious! Good luck, there's gotta be someone near you. Try a local car forum? I'll be interested to see how the Ksports go with some serious setup time. Yep mechanic I think you're right, you sort your physical weigh inside, sort out camber etc, then use the adjustability of the coilovers to dial it in. It'll be a long time sitting in your car :lol:

  • Have stiffened front springs up alot as car was oversteering round corners, the front was dipping down and the back wheels must have been almost coming off the ground, I managed to get hold of some corner scales, just the one, I had to get car on level ground, make sure the tyre pressures were the same, I then went round and measured each wheel, the backs were not too bad, they needed no adjustment, 600lbs each side, the fronts I had to play around with a little bit, but I managed to get them both around 950lbs each side, will find out how good adjustments were when I go back to brands next week, should have some slicks to put on by then too, also getting it rolling roaded on wednesday, :)



    looks like a good idea for a perfect set up!

    oh what slicks you going for? keep us posted!!

  • @42da6fbaa8=Garfy1981:

    looks like a good idea for a perfect set up!

    oh what slicks you going for? keep us posted!!

    Good link, where are they based??

    Dunno what slicks they are yet, they are in my mates garage, hopefully he is gonna dig them out for me later today, am gonna eventually get around to buying some kankook slicks though, can't find too many slicks on 15" rims :(

  • couldnt find address from their website, have emailed to find out. Must be south/south east based given their track day visits link

  • got reply from email,

    " Hi Gareth,
    I am in Milton Keynes M1 J13/14
    20mins from Silverstone
    Kind regards
    Nick "

  • Nice one :wink: If its still not cornering right I will have to take it to a specialist to get set up properly


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