TNS Relay?

  • Where is it?

    I've lost all lights on the back apart from Breaks and Reverse and lost the front side lights, Checking the wiring dia's they are on a diffrent system and the TNS relay controls them.

    I've had all the light clusters out and checked the bulbs,

    Does anyone know where it is so I can remove it is a sysmpton?
    (pic would be good as I'm useless with engines and cars in general but learning slowly)

  • Replaced the (What I think is the TNS relay) and the 100 and all the 40's in the engine bay fuse box.

    Still nothing,

    Any ideas or is this forum dead?

  • @a8e20cbb9e=Lori:

    Any ideas or is this forum dead?

    Sorry bit limited with ideas a the mo, have you checked earth's in the back?

    Have you checked the output of the switch? As none of the sidelights work!

    Does the rear fog work?

    Do you still have dip and main beam?

  • Still got Dip and main beam on the front.

    No rear fog tho

    Do you know what color wires control the sidelights from the stalk? and where the grounding on the back is located at all?

  • Dont know what colour the sidelight wire from the stork is, i would try using a power prober to power each one. I take it the fuses have been checked.

    As for the Earth try and follow the light loom back and it should be fairly close to the plug that goes in the light cluster.

  • Eugh. I hate electrical faults. If it was me I'd get the multimeter out and find where the continuity ends (find the circuit breaker).

  • Found the issue:

    There was a short on the right hand side plate light :(

    I could have cryed lol.


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