Broken Mx3????

  • I had the clutch changed on my mx3 and since then its been a disaster. At 1st it started and drove fine when engine was cold but once stopped it woulod not start again with engine hot…... Took it back to garage same thing happening, temp gauge has always been f*ck'd and fans dont kick in when they should so they run all the time. 6 weeks later, car in and out of garage, planks dont know what they are doin. Does anyone know a mazda specialist in or near surrey or have any ideas what the problem could be????????

  • Have you tried pulling up codes to see if there are any faults??

    When I done my KLZE engine transplant, I had a problem that engine would not start, it was just turning over but not firing, found out to clean a connector in engine bay, car started then! May be completely wrong but you have nothing to lose eh? The connector is located near the water filler cap on the engine, not the rad, I think it is green, uncouple it and spray some WD40 to clean connectors, failing that I don't know :( Failing that, try UKPOC forum, they are quite helpful on there…..................


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