Parts - where can I get a samco hose kit?

  • i was looking on probestore and they had a hose kit for the 16v probe but not the mx3.

    any one know if ones availible??

  • samco custom manke em for ya they cost ya a bomb and take ags to deliver!

    best but get universal ones or another brand! or a dress up kit

  • found a kit for a protege 5 anyone know if they'll fit??

  • james samco makes universal flex hoses that are high grade, look great and you can modify to fit. that is what i'm ordering for my car since i did a bp swap and i'm using a nissan alluminum radiator that way I can route the coolant however I need. it comes in 3 meter long sections i think. go here then click on what part of the world you are in and then you can go to distributors to find out who sells what you need


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