Parking light / Front Indicators

  • One of my headlight bulbs blew the other day, so I decided to replace both bulbs with some nice new white ones. They look great with a nice white light instead of the old dull yellowy light they had before.

    Problem now is that the parking lights (sidelights/front indicator cluster) are still using old yellowy bulbs, it would look much nicer if they had white bulbs too. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good bulbs for these lights? Are these the correct bulbs for the parking light: link?

    Also, I figured that while I had the lights off, I might as well try to de-tango them, get rid of the nasty orange reflector, etc. Anyone here done this before? Any tips? A guide would be nice. Also, what bulbs are required for the turn-signal lights (front indicators)?

  • hi ive done the same whith my mx and i took the orange bits out too.
    when i did mine it wasnt easy cos lay are glued together but if you get a long shape knife and go round the seal first then a bit of asistance with a screw driver gets the lense off. its a pain in the bum but well worth it.
    hope this helps
    :D :D :D :D
    hers a pick of my two
    you can see the differance between them the red mx ive taken them out

  • Thanks. :D Was worried about how to get it open.

    I've bought all the bulbs and just waiting for them to arrive now, I'll post up some pics once I've got it done.

    Also changin the foglight bulbs, and replacing the side repeater indicators too.


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