Immobiliser or not?

  • How can i tell that my mx3 has one or not? i have the green and red light next to where i put the key in, but the light is always green. Never seen the red one on. The car has an aftermarket alarm installed (which doesnt work). I have a feeling that it does have one because it seems to have all the extras (electric everything, windows, sunroof, powersteering, abs etc. ). Anyone tell me where it would be (or even what it looks like?).


  • Probably have a control box under the dash and a horn under the bonnet. Look for wiring that stands out will probably have electrical tape wrapped round it. The alarm has probably been put into valet mode by the sounds of it.

  • Do you mean factory fit immobiliser?

    Easiest way to tell, when you start the car, there will be an oringe light on the dash under the speedo with a picture of a key in it, this will light up when you turn the ignition on and then go out when it fires up.

    Also there will be a red square on the top of the black key (if original), this is the chip. If you had all the original keys, there should be a grey key. This is the master key to enable you to program additional keys to the immobiliser.

    Hope this helps

    The green light by the ignition switch is just there to help you to see it in the dark. It will light up when you open the door or even when you lift the door handle also. There should also be a light inside the lock in the drivers door which lights up when you lift the handle (if it still works) helping you find the key hole in the dark.

    Not sure what the red light is, that must be a addition for the after market alarm.

  • wow dident know about the light inside the lock i will have top have a look at that you got a pic of it on yours ?

  • It's not working on my current MX. Did on my old one though! Found it by accident. Thought the car was open and lifted the handle. Door didn't open but could see something shining in the dark!

    The light is literally inside the lock visable through the hole you put the key into. Activates when you lift the handle, door still locked of course!

    Normally a key hole will have a metal tab that closes the hole when you take the key out, but if you have the light installed there will be no metal tab covering the hole.

    Lifting the handle while the car is locked will also switch on the green light by the ignition switch. Suppose you could get creative and wire it to switch the interior light on too. Suppose you give potential tea leaves an easier way to view stuff in your car though.

  • Seems to be a Mazda thing.
    Have the ignition light on mine and it was on my 323 pop-up as well.
    Never noticed the door handle bit though as I have remote c/l. Must check.

  • wow lots of replies :D from the sounds of it then i dont have one as i have no key picture at all. And never knew about the door handle thing, will have to go have a look. Also how can you get a alarm out of valet mode?

  • Any ideas what alarm it is Kez, model number would be good too if you can find it.

  • its a compnay that has gone out of business. Its an orvel piranha. Will try and get a model number tommorrow. Ive tried turning the key in the alarm box in the engine bay but it doesnt seem to do anything. The light on the alarm fob goes red when i press it though.

  • I'll see what I can find out for you, a freind of mine is an electronics wiz helped out a few times like this.

    What is exactly happening to the car and alarm to cause problems?

    Have you had the car started at all?

    I know it sounds dull, but what condition is the car battery in? I've had a couple of alarms that would refuse to deactivate due to the car battery being flat or on it's way out. I once had a dead cell in a battery that would cause the alram and imobiliser to not deactivate every so often. Changed the battery and the problem went away.

    Whip the battery out and get a load test done on it to see if it's up to the job. Most places that sell batteries will do one free of charge in the hope of a sale.

    In the mean time you should start prepairing yourself to remove the alarm completley if it's casuing problems. Not too difficult, will take a few hours to do it properly though.

    I won't go into to much detail on the forum, but it should be a case of finding the control box, normally behind the dash, common place on the MX is in the space behind the dash on the drivers side where your right knee is. If it's a decent alarm, it will have all black wiring blended into the original loom. You'll basicly have to trace the wiring from the control box into the loom. Removing and reconnecting the circuts the alarm goes into.

    I've done it once, took me 4 hours to get the alarm out and the car running again without it.

    I'll see what I can find out for you.

  • thanks mate. The car starts fine and not had any problems. The alarm box seems to be under the bonnet. The remote works but the alarm never alarms-disarms even if i turn the key in the said control box.


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