Track day brake set up

  • Lo all,

    think this is my first post here. I have used the search button and not found much.

    Looking for peoples opinions on a good set of brake pads for my track mx3 1.8v6.

    Trying to stay way from EBC, any other online shops?

    Also plan to do s/s lines and uprated fluid


  • Why not EBC?

  • I had green stuff EBC with 5.1 fluid braided hoses and drilled and slashed discs.

    Fantastic track brakes, with very low dust output.

  • Also got green stuff pads, drilled/grooved discs, s/s hoses, excellent brakes, and mine IS A PURPOSE BUILT KLZE TRACK CAR, SHE STOPS!! :D

  • EBC stuff is no problem at all.

    There is a lot of BS around about it, a lot of it relates to very long gone compounds, the entire EBC range bears no relation to the very old versions of the pads and are now all excellent.

    I have Yellow Stuffs on my car and they are really good indeed, the latest version doesnt need warming up either, so they are brilliant day to day pads as well as track pads.

  • just heard lot of bad news about the greenstuff and yellows have been suggested to go for.

    Im on the look out for hoses and pads at the minute.

    what fluid are you's using,

    thanks for the info by the way :)

  • Old Greens from about 2002 were not as good, they been through a lot of compounds since and are now very good. Products don't stay the same forever.

    Saying that Yellows are better.

  • ordered yellowstuff from ROC :) what dot fluid ya's using?

  • @b5168f7aa5=simonmcf:

    ordered yellowstuff from ROC :) what dot fluid ya's using?

    Check your emails mate, problem with the card.

    I use DOT 5.1


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