Diafol's - GS Project

  • This is my MX-3 as it is currently, I'm about half way through the project, some more exterior and interior modifications to do. Am not planning on touching the engine, keep the insurance down. Ive called it Monte Carlo Magic as its the name of the paint, which flips five colours.

  • looks very nice mate, what engines in it?

  • Thank you, its the V6 engine

  • slam itttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    Looks like a lot of time and money has gone into it :)

  • Have already lowered it and it occasionally scrapes the highest speed bumps…any lower and it wouldnt go over them and I use it as an everyday run around to save my new bmw. But thank you, it is a work in progress. And any recommendations gratefully appreciated.

  • get some 18's and black altezza style lights! 8)

  • Lookin good,

    Yeah some black altezzas to mach your dark paint would look sweet.

    or how dark are the carbon ones?

  • kinda dark, but arent they just carbon print? :?

  • 18s are an option, will consider it once I finish all the interior work, I already have the black altezza lights, they were on the car originally when I bought it. They looked good with the original black paintwork, but I just felt they didnt look right with the flip colours, personal taste I guess, which is why I bought clear lights like all new mazda's come with. Will put them back on the car and take a photo if you like, see if you agree with me.

  • i justed noticed that the exact same body kit i have sitting to go on mine :)

  • Did you get it from RPI in Germany? Fits really well, and looks fantastic with the mesh. Make sure you get as many brackets made as possibe for the front spoiler though, I had to have 6 so thats its sturdy and pulled tight against the rest of the bodywork.

  • Yeah rpi germany, got it cheap on ebay :) i just gotta get a wing next, but looking at yours, dont know if i actually want one :P its pretty sweet without, altho my kit will need a slight fixing job done, the buggers broke my tail addon in transite and never ever replaced it, yeah good time del and stuff, but crap company to complain and replace with

  • Thats harsh, I didnt have that problem thankfully. Ive considered the wing too, not sure if it will add to the car or spoil it, plus the expense for what you get…..really am in two minds there. I havent got a lot else I want to do to the exterior, the wing possibly, the light brows I got from Hungary, the indicators and the side repeaters....most of the work to do will be on the inside, have a new steering wheel, dials and bezel to fit, custom aluminium covers for the fans and finish the ice install.

  • where did you get the rear splitter ?

  • RPI tuning.

    A fella called Nils based in Germant. hes a real good bloke!

  • cool got one from RPI tuning on ebay for 80 good deal or not so much ?


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