OBD 1 - 2

  • Can anyone tell by looking at the car or from its registration plate?

    Im planning on buyin this 1 tomorrow

    but I will want to do the KLZE conversion at somepoint in the future so dont want the OBD2 loom hassel

    Cheers guys


  • cant tell thats not the real reg, pre 95 is OBD1 after is 2, however early 95's can be OBD1 as well

  • In the UK we tend to judge car ages by year of registration too.

    A 1995 car as in this ad, was first registered in 95 and may have not been made in 1995, if you get me!

    There is a way to decode the VIN to get year of manufacture. I'll see if I can find it.

    Other than that, take a screw driver with you and whip off the pannel in the passenger foot well behaind the centre console, there lies the ECU. 3 plugs = ODB1, 4 plugs = ODB2. Also in the how too section.


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