CV Joint

  • I'm getting my OSF CV joint replaced soon (just bought a new one from RocSpares, arrived today). Now I'm thinking whether it'll be worth getting both replaced?

    Is a CV joint something that's going to go eventually anyway? What do you reckon?

  • well mate one of mine went, now the other has started clicking so will need doing eventually but it could be 1 month or it could be one year depending on how its driven. my first one went cos i was caining it, apparently it shattered but there u go.

    so basically if you can afford it, you might as well get it done

  • Hard to say if you need both, but as said, if you can afford it, do it.

  • yeh i think generally they go in pairs.

  • Yea it's a tough call, depends whether they've been replaced in pairs before. Sometimes a boot on one side gets wrecked then the CV goes. Check the boot. If you can spare it cheap, it's enough for what they are from fordprobestore.

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