MX3 / 323 suspension

  • May have found the answer to my k sport suspension problems??

    I reckon I have had mazda 323 suspension sent instead! :roll: On the box they say they are for an MX3, but I have checked the part number on the box with the official K sport website for uk and the part number matches for a bloody 323! The suspension fits the struts and mounts on my MX3, but I cannot get the inside of the rear tyres to not rub on the suspension springs :(

    Therefore I have a question. Does anyone know if the 323 has the same suspension mounts/alignment as the MX3?? Am I allowed to swear? Its doing my fucking head in, I have spent the last 5 weekends pissing around with this problem, and I now think I have the wrong suspension setup! :evil:

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

  • damm it, i should know the answer to this as we needed a old shitty mx3 v6 suspension to work to for the coilovers i had made, but it was hard finding one local so we did look at the 323 v6 which was almost similar but there WAS something different, but for life of me i cant remember??? have you tried a search on

  • No have not looked on there, I reckon the height is the difference, being that the MX3 has lower suspension height from top mount to bottom mount struts, to get the springs to clear tyres, I either have the car set with no rebound on springs or 4X4 height!

  • the 90-94 323BG is pretty much the same in most respects. The 323F BA has a few more differences.

  • The part number is also listed for a 95 - 98 323, is the later model different, will get on the phone to k sport tomorrow and find out exactly what is going on, something is not right here I can tell you!!

  • Have decided I am gonna sort this myself, hopefully have found a company that can custom make some shorter springs to correct spec at a very reasonable price, will phone them monday. SIMPLES

  • Have sorted it, the springs were 10" on the rear, have just put 7" springs on instead, now they clear, job done, £75.00 out of pocket though, but track day looming in just over 4 weeks, needed it doing…..............

  • just to through a spanner in thoughs i've 323 coilys in mine and the only problem i had was fitting the strut tops to the towers so 1 new hole in each and a bit of reinforcement and bingo!


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