• Alright guys I am pretty much a newbie to this site been registered a while but dont post

    I am considering a MX3 with a KLZE and been doing a bit research on whats needed and I have to say it looks very easy almost plug and play!

    Got a couple questions though

    Does the MX3 exhaust manifold fit onto the Block with ease or do I use the MX6/Probe headers

    Do all the Intake manifolds fit under the MX3 bonnet, I dont really want to move the battery to the boot either

    Gearbox wise, Is it recomeneded to use the MX6/Probe box or keep with the 1.8 I can see the 1.8 reving faster but at higher miles it must go threw some amount of fuel


    Dave ;)

  • Nice one Dave.

    mx-3 exhaust fits fine, block is same size. It will restrict your power. Get the stainless mx6/probe ebay headers then a cat back at your local SS exhaust maker.

    All intakes fit without battery removal, kl31 straight, millenia/xedos 9 curved, klg4, klde…

    Gearbox up to you. My 1.8 box gets me 27mpg even with a VERY rich mapped probinator chip. I've swapped a taller 5th gear into my LSD gearbox though, so when that's in I should get even better MPG.

  • thanks marco was reading threw ur project thread what a build! you make it look too easy :lol:

    will the Prob / MX6 gearbox fit with no problem?

  • I am also running mx3 gearbox with my KLZE conversion, I found that the mx6 gearbox had a different mounting for the clutch cable, you can get it to fit, but I could not be arsed as lower gearing suits my car for track use anyway


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