• What mods have you done to the motor and which ECU are you using?

  • Engine is standard, mods are

    Stainless headers
    Uprated HT Leads
    K8 gearbox & Flywheel
    De cat
    2.5 Stainless Exhaust system
    Drilled / grooved Discs all round
    S/S brake hoses
    Green stuff pads all round
    K sport Coilovers

    Mods inside car

    Stripped out interior
    Sparco bucket seats
    Sabelt harnesses
    OMP steering wheel
    Relocated battery behind passenger seat
    Fabricated halfcage

    Think thats it!

    Whoops forgot to mention ECU, not sure what ecu number is but it was from same engine donor car, will find out….............

    Hope to get it weighed this month, be interesting what bhp - ton power ratio is......................

  • The ECU was a KL31 Paul

    All manual KLZE's have a KL36, the auto's have a KL31. You can use either ECU on a manual but only the KL31 will run an auto.

    Just a shame you didnt take the ecu to start with rather than fannying about with those chips etc! :lol:

    Dont forget, you need to run it on 99 RON/Optimax to get max bhp as the ECU is set for that.

  • Question?? How come I have a kl31 ecu and the engine/gearbox was a manual?? Just curious, as car runs fine…..................

  • sorry, I am a dork. got my 31's and 36's the wrong way round.

    kl31 manual
    kl36 auto

  • :roll: :lol:

  • @5ad798208c=Garfy1981:

    few links that might interest you

    did you get a final weight reading?

    Cheers Garfy!!

    Can't believe he cut the boot floor out! That 'white' car was a bit OTT!

    Have not got around to getting car weighed yet, its been too cold to get car off trailer from last track day, its been put away out of sight for the time being, will get round to weighing car when weather warms up a bit :roll:

    As soon as I do I will post up result

  • that mx6 runs in the salon libre here he has thrown stupid figures of money at it!

  • @47db13299b=mx3gulf:

    CAI photos as asked for my Nightstalker, check out my tidy/clean engine bay LOL :D

    No battery, moved header tank

    that coilover strut just coming through looks ace, really need to get me some of them bad boys

  • @4089ad9463=barrywhite21:


    CAI photos as asked for my Nightstalker, check out my tidy/clean engine bay LOL :D

    No battery, moved header tank

    that coilover strut just coming through looks ace, really need to get me some of them bad boys

    Oh did you ever manage to sort your idle out now and if so what does it idle at?

  • Still have a slight idle problem, can't remember exactly what its idling at as I have not used car since december 4th! LOL. If I can recall, idle was fine when engine was cold, it just seems to search up and down a bit when warmed up, nothing too drastic, I would say between 1300 - 750 revs, not all the time mind, when the weather gets better, I will find the time to start working on car again, pull the codes first job….......................

  • Well the sun is shining, so I finally got around to getting car weighed…...............

    1040 kgs, 40kg off that elusive ton, had half a tank of fuel mind LOL

    GARFY !!! WHERES THAT PERSPEX REAR WINDOW!!?? Gulf needs a few more slimfasts, not sure how I can get a further 40kg off of it.......

    Dry weight I reckon she is under 1000kg so quite pleased..........

    Oh yeah, car has not been started for 4 MONTHS, started first time and no idle problem anymore!! 8)

  • someone is selling a CF hatch in Canada… if you truly want to shave as much weight as possible you will need one of these + the lexan rear window.

    Also some other lightweight items you may want to check into:

    JDM plastic headlights or US spec plastic headlights (weigh less than the glass ones) 1 or 2 pounds each
    swapping rear GS spoiler to the RS garnish (looks stupid but saves over 5 pounds)
    CF hood... 1 or 2 pounds

  • Sorry I've found a tailgate half hour away from Perspex company so I need to. Phone a few local couriers. Works been mad. I'm on a course next week so I do it on lunch break.

  • Other thoughts on savings could be fidenza flywheel ( one for sale on forum at present! ) very good mod!.
    There is a plastic smash guard behind front bumper which can be removed but will make your front bumper a little more fragile, but being a professional sprayer im sure you dont mind the odd knocks!.
    Rear wiper motor will go along with rear tailgate glass.
    Lightweight wheels??.
    Have seen smaller batteries used, but im always unsure at how much start up load they can take.

  • Thats good if you have found a tailgate, I understand work comes first mate, tailgate happens when it happens, my offer of painting it still stands if you need it doing….............. Would like the fidenza flywheel but I'm trying to convince my mate (who owns half the car) to get one, how much faster does it spin up??

  • it does spin up alot quicker, but they arnt cheap which is a bummer!. But i think its a brilliant mod, and your always get your money back if you decide to sell it again. Mx6 guys who convert to mx3 fly ( lighter ) have always been impressed with how well it affects engine.

  • Have got the MX3 flywheel in the ZE, is tempting to go for the fidenza flywheel, but money is a bit tight at the minute too :(


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