A few questions

  • I get quite a bit of rattling/squeaking from various parts of the interior, especially on some of the bumpy (poorly maintained) rural roads here in Lincolnshire. The bit that makes the most noise when going over a bump is the parcel tray, so I'm considering removing it. My question is, do you think the car would look better with or without the parcel tray in, considering I don't have an expensive sub setup in there?

    Does anyone else find that if you open your sunroof too far back it starts to rattle when you're driving? Is there an easy fix for this? I usually only open it a crack anyway, but it's annoying knowing it's there.

    Do you keep a spare wheel in the car, or do you remove it to save weight? Anyone been "caught-out" doing this and had a flat tyre on the road with no spare available?

    I find the standard seats are very comfortable, but I don't like the colour (I'd prefer black). Anyone here have seat covers, and if so, what do you recommend?

    It appears the headlamps on my car have been removed/replaced at some point, because the paint underneath them has been scraped off. Anyone else had this? Is it easy enough to fix, and how do you make sure you don't scrape the new paint off again when putting the headlamps back in?

    Anyone here replaced their side repeater indicator lenses with clear/smoked ones? If so, how do you get the original lense off without causing a mess? What about the black rubber that surrounds it? Does that go too? Any recommendation on lenses? I've seen some at Halfords but I don't know if they're any good.

    Sorry for all these questions at once, but they've been bugging me for a while now.

  • ok…..

    i get squeaking too in the rear, mostly from the plastic interior and boot latch when going slow over shi**y roads. nothing can be done bar removing most of it, but then it will be very loud and with a cold feel in the car especially if you have a ss exhaust.


    the side repeaters took me 5 mins to change just get a butter knife and slide it under each side of the repeater flat against yuor car pushing in the clip once this is done on both sides it just pops out then unscrew the bulb and sorted. only thing is i wouldnt buy em from halford cos there wa*k. got mine off ebay £15 smoked and its exactly the same style and shape as the original just smoked. you might also need an orange bulb.


    i keep the spare wheel in my car, thats what its there for! :roll:

    when removing items from yopur car for me there is a fine line between comfort and performance, the fianl decision is up to you. keep in mind that its wuite a light car anyway so say removing back seats and spare wheel would give some improvement in performance

    all other questions i cant answer but im sure somone will.

  • Thanks mate. :)

  • Just to add,

    Removing the rear parcel shelf creates alot more noise in the car, it is a sound suppressor.

    basicly, it'd be like a van without it.

    (or if you've ever taken a trip in a car, in the boot :lol: )

  • Right, I had a load of those problems, I asked about it on mx3.com. It's not the parcel shelf and all the plastics that I thought it was, it's the hatch. I wrapped a load of electrical tape (forum said ally sheet ) around the hatch catch, the bit that catches the latch. Fantastic, no more sqeeky rattley noises. pm me for more if you need. :)

  • hussar, got any pics?

  • Will post pics asap.

  • yes my friend i have this problem too post pics

  • Wow, it's good to know what it actually is, any pics would be great, wanna get this done myself.

  • A simple modification to the catch. As I said, the guy who did the original wrapped some aluminium around. I just wrapped some electrical tape, it holds the boot hatch tight to the body and stops the squeeks and rattles. I might add that before this I tightend every screw and bolt in the back, got a mate to sit in the back and listen and finally rimmed the boot seal with some vasaline. This worked.

  • I've got to get a grip of these photo's. If you can't follow the link just pm with your email and I will send it to you :evil:

  • Cheers for that mate, i'll do it to mine when i get a chance :D

  • excellent didnt even have to tighten anything up just put some electrical tape on the latch as in above pic and no squeaking AT ALL. Cant actually belive i drove it for a year like it was. thanks mate :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • @0d5c824b1d=barrywhite21:

    only thing is i wouldnt buy em from halford cos there wa*k. got mine off ebay £15 smoked and its exactly the same style and shape as the original just smoked.

    Can you tell me what you searched for on ebay? I can't find any. :(

  • just smoked side repeaters.


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