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  • Hey guys

    iv noticed on pics of the left hand drive mx3s they have gauges around the outside of the dash round the speed n rev dials.im pretty sure thts standard jus wondering if anybody nos if they done that on dashes that r the right way round.lol.

    also if anybody nos of any good sites tht sell stuff for the interior can u let me no…..cheers

  • The North American MX3's have that style dashboard, I have never seen it the right way round. Pity really, I think it looks modified without actually being. 8)

  • i no dnt thy look fookin coolio

    wat gauges are in them do you no??

    pity it not just the front fascia panel thn you could just swap them round

  • Thats just a phase 2 dash. Whole dash is completely different from the phase 1. Not just the gauges. Its possible to swap them, but takes a hell of a lotta work and you need to take out everything underneath the dash for replacement. Been done a couple of times here in Holland. Even from a p2 mx3 to a 323F BG.. :P

    THis is how the dash looks stock:

    Some people replace the vents with gauges..

  • OMG…....................tht interior made my crotch twitch 8)


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