Oil change info needed please

  • hey,

    im gonna do an oil change on my 1993 v6 1.8 and just wanted to know how much oil does the engine hold.

    Im gonna buy 5 litres of oil to do the change will this be enough.

    Also can anyone recommend any specific oil or does it not really matter.

    I am doing the oil change because my hydrolic lifters have started tapping, i only had a wynnes hydrolic lifter treatment put through it about 5 months ago along with an oil change and the noise went away, as it has come back and i have been advised not to run the treatment through it again so soon, so an oil filter and change is my next step.

    Car has just been through an MOT as seen in other post i.e problem with brakes they didnt mention anything so i dont asume it to be a problem. But it is annoying.

  • oh wanted to do it on saturday so any response before then would be appriciated.

  • The oil that my customers (and my own car) prefer for quietening down the HLA's is 5w/30 fully synthetic.

    I use (and sell) AC Delco oil, which is great stuff, but not hyped up price wise.

    Stick another Wynns in after the oil change.

  • thanks i will order some from you site today.

    My mechanic has advised not to run treatment through again cos it was only 5 months ago and maybe 1000 miles when it was done last, but you say its ok to?

    Also any idea how much the engine holds so i know how much to put in after draining old oil out?

  • That's the one.

    The HLA treatment will be flushed away when you change the oil, so will be fine to add again.

  • ok nice one.

    sorry to repeat myself but…....

    how much oil does the engine hold, i dont have a manual for my car so im not sure

  • approx 4 litres for oil change plus filter
    4.9 for a bone dry engine

    I always get 5 litres, 4 litres leaves it a bit tight.

  • thanks mate


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