• Right i have a 1992 black mx3 v6 lowered 45mm smoked rear lights white rota boosts and a 1 off marvel superheroes interior tht looks the dogs danglies.


    klze conversion (help
    full respray
    strip her out
    big brake conversion
    supercharge (if possible not done alotta research yet)

    Im aware that people are gonna wanna see pics but im havin trouble with my pc at the mo so i will upload thm soon as.

  • if you have 17 or 18s you can get a ksport big brake kit
    im going turbo on my ze

  • ya see i wanna turbo but alotta people are telling me not to…......i had a gt4 b4 i got banned a couple years ago n i foooookin loved it.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap tsh waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap tsh

  • @5bc486dce2:

    1 off marvel superheroes interior

    interesting, looking forward to the pics on this one it sounds like a nice spec

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