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  • i Found out how strong a mx3s front end is compaired to a ftos rear.

    MX-3 1 - 0 FTO.

    had a prang with a mate at around 2mph, hes pretty much written off, i came out with NO DAMAGE.

    not even a scratch.

  • haha my mate has a white FTO and a van brush passed it about 2mph and now its half an FTO, i would NEVER EVER drive one after seeing that

  • Such overrated cars.

  • :lol: so how does that work insurance wise?

    Didn't realise they were so fragile! They're another car that should have been RWD and the boot is crap. Still like the look of them though.

  • "In case you were wondering what the two plastic loops in the passenger footwell were for, they were used to house distress flares required by Japanese law in the event of a breakdown!"

    quoted from this site: http://www.compucars.co.uk/car-reviews/mitsubishi/review/?fto

  • haha yep pretty sweet :)


    every vehicle in Japan is obliged to carry an emergency flare but, unlike those for marine use, they are not fired into the sky which is dangerous on land as the flare has to come down somewhere - doesn't matter at sea. They simply burn with a bright red/orange flame and are placed on the road surface some distance behind a broken down vehicle. As far as I know they do not have a "use-by" date but I will check. I have never heard of one causing a problem because of its age but they have been set off by children in a vehicle with predictable results. They are used in the same way as a warning triangle in Europe but are probably best removed. As for disposal the safest way is to fire the flare in a safe place and then dispose of the empty plastic tube. The mounting clips are useful for holding a torch


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