Should i or shouldnt i

  • ok basically im ina pickle as wot to do:

    Tyres: 260ish
    Fitting and Alignment: 40ish
    Service Parts: 80ish

    Now wot Problem i have is, the custom exhaust i had fitted is fooked, the company that installed its HANDY work is alot worse than i feared, IE Exhaust Gum and 1hr installation Patched the holes, basically the clamp arm on the exhaust has today ripped off in me hand while looking for the hole i could hear, so patched that one that just got made from the clamp, next i jack the car and have alook along the pipe work, wot do i find but another hole on the mid section of the exhaust, and then just before the cat low and beholed theres ANOTHER one, my dilemma is this, above is the cost of wot is REQUIRED now….. so once me grant comes for college do i:

    A: Buy a full Stainless Steel Exhaust From Manifold Back Costing £320
    B: Save And Get The Kit Fitted And Then Get Exhaust Further Down The Line As Gum Will Hold Just Now.
    C: Take Out A Loan And Do It All In One Go


    Option C: Really Isnt A Good Option For Me As Im A Student..

    Please Someone Give Me Words Of Wisdom.....

  • For a Start I would do it all in one go. Do you have 17"s? Just get some budget 205/40/17's or whatever tyres you have for now to keep yourself legal. Fitting is usualy in with the price so i dont know where you have got that one, and if it is so, go somewhere else.

    Servicing wont cost £80, if you do it all yourself you can do it for just over half that…

    Also if you have a crap exhaust, I had a 2.25" I/D Powerflow System made for £300 cash (no cat as my car s 92 8) with a 5" Tip and it sounds amazing! I had to have a silencer put in at a later date as it was too loud. Its Crushbent so if you ever plan on getting a ZE or Turbo then id just bodge the Backbox you have and buy a 2.5" Mandrel System later as it wont be any good for big Bhp but if your staying 4/6 cyl with just BPU then it will be fine....There are 3"/4"/ Twin 2" backboxes on the market for not much money.

    Good luck sorting out the car, Im having a 3" system from the Downpipe back when i go Turbo and it will cost me £300 in T304...

    Ill put my Manifolds/Downpipes/System up for sale on here when i dont need it anymore....

    If you are at College you may have an Engineering Dept. I have done an AVCE in Engineering to kill time a few years ago whilst i partyed by the beach. Most Engineering Colleges like a car that needs fixing to use as a "Fix It" Project. Email your local colleges and find out if they will tinker with it for you for a small donation ie £20, lol

    Most kids in garages are on a Trainee Apprentice scheme these days anyway..

  • Cheers for the info mate, you gave me alot more to think about :P but its is sensible suggestions, thanks again :)

    Reason on £80 for service is its a major service thats needing done, ie Engine Flush, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter the works, all the parts are gonna cost me about £80 with delivery, i priced it the other night, Tyre are Toyo TS-1's all round hence the £220 was cheapest i found them on net, then i have to get a garage to fit them and balance and alignment, i reckoned no more than £40, so thats nearly £350 already….. Really dont like budget tyres coz at end of day its the only thing keeping me on the road really...

    ekkk i wish i could win the lotto :P

  • @23ad8533a0:

    ekkk i wish i could win the lotto

    thats option D i guess

  • hmm £293 for 4 tyres, toyo t1-s, delivered, with 9month 0% intrest option, anyone think thats a good deal and also can anyone comment on the tyres themselves??

  • mate, budget tires will do the exact same thing if you keep your driving sensible…

    At the end of the day, if you need all this stuff doing, then make your budget stretch!

    Get the new exhaust, cos come MOT time it sounds like your will never pass, and use the money from the tyres to pay for the service!

  • Oh I dunno, tires are the one thing I always try not to scrimp on. You can have the best brakes in the world but with shit tires it won't make much difference I'm always told. I'm probably still bitter/wary from my crash though, and with your dad owning that tire company I'd imagine you know far more about tires than me.

  • @a78236718d=Lequetis:

    hmm £293 for 4 tyres, toyo t1-s, delivered, with 9month 0% intrest option, anyone think thats a good deal and also can anyone comment on the tyres themselves??

    mate i got a pair of toyo proxe t1r delivered in the UK last week for £100.80, so 4 should be £201.60
    sometimes places do 4 cheaper tho.
    £93 seems a lot extra to pay just for credit over 9 months. for my toyos - they can organise fitting at home depending on where you live - but it costs extra.
    thats the only draw back buying tyres or any stuff online - it still needs fitting - obviously not a prob if you diy tho.
    local tyre fitters down the road quoted £10 each fitted, valves, balanced and getting rid of the old dunlops. other places were after £15 each.
    i ended up fitting the toyos myself for free tho :wink:

    the toyos are good, got them on the front (with Avon ZV1 that have done 6000ish mile on the rear) - nice to feel the car lively, clear and precise on the road again, like a new lease of life (the old dunlops were hammered). Not had any rain to try the toyos in this last week tho and not been on motorway yet either.

    good luck - let us know how you go.

  • cool cool, i can get 4 toyo t1-s which ive been told altho R's are replacing them there suppose to be a better tyre, so might just wait till wages come in since i started work this week and buy they bad boys

  • what size rims are you running??
    i could get you s set of 17z with tyres for nearly that price lol
    if i was u, dont take out a loan, youll regrett it down the line
    get the important stuff done first( kits aint important) i know im a fine 1 2 talk lol
    this is on ebay, dont know if it will help you problem (wallet) a little


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