Rear bulbs.

  • Dont want to seem like a complete plum. But…

    i cant seem to get to the rear lights, to change a bulb.

    does the entire rear plastics in the boot need to come out? or do the lights themselves come out?


  • lights just come out, its dead easy there are 2 clips on them i think, i changed my rear lights it only took 5 mins

  • Yep^

    <| * MAZDA V6 * |_>
    There's a screw on each light at the side closest to the middle. There are also 3 on top, I can't remeber if they even need to come out. After that you pull the light sideways away from the car. Then ou have access to all bulbs.

  • no marco your right just them two come out the others dont need to.

  • oh right! Can be such a muppet at times.

    found that the two top screws hold on the plastic trim on top of the rear light, and one biggun in the middle, i'll have another look tomorrow.

    Thanks alot!


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