Just to say hello again!

  • Hi everyone, been posting on mazdamad forum, but thats gone very quiet. Will still be using that forum, but I think I am going to place more of my time on here from now on. Nearly there with my track car too, will post some pics up this weekend….............

  • Nice one. Yea it's gone very quiet there, maybe related to the ?owner? selling his mx :?

    How you liking the Ksports then? Spine intact?

  • Car is sorned at the moment, so have only driven it with k sports fitted around a stoney car park around my works unit, its alot harder I can tell you!! Gonna book a track day at brands for end of this month to see what the suspension is really like!!

  • ive been on ksports for a few months now down so lovly twisty litle roads there grate

  • @7b97a5915f=james:

    ive been on ksports for a few months now down so lovly twisty litle roads there grate

    Hey James, recognise you from mazdamad forum, how are you? The only problem I have encountered fitting my k sports was the issue with the rears….. Have lowered them so much that if I did not wind down the springs the tyre rubs on them, there is absolutely no travel at all on them LOL. When me and my mate do a track day at brands in a couple of weeks, we are gonna see how it drives, if its bad, I am gonna have to get some 3mm spacers made up so we can wind springs down again. have only got 205 width tyres too, think I recall you having 215's? how low is your setup compared to standard??

  • no im on 205 45 16 fronts and 205 55 rears i wanna go 215 40 17 fronts and 215 45 17 on the rear
    when i put mine on ui set it to the same hight as the shock when i had them off put the k sports on let the jacks off and it looked still jacked up lol not shore how low it is i know i had 45 mm springs on before hand and i think its still around the same

  • think coz of my wheels the off setes difrent but i can get my hand between the spring and wheel

  • Ah! Still got standard 15" wheels on mine, I reckon that because I have wider tyres than standard that is why they will not clear springs! mmmmm…. thanks for help!! :D

  • waht size are yours standerd is 205 55 15 all round

  • Oh thats thrown me now! I am running 205/50/15's I think, I thought standard would have been 195's, its strange why the springs rub the tyres as the springs are skinnier than standard too, maybe its too low, but it can never be too low LOL!! :D Machined spacers needed I think…......

  • you shore its touching the spring and not the top of the arch

  • 100% spring


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