Steering Wheel Swap

  • I want to change my stock airbag steering wheel (96 V6) to an aftermarket non airbag steering wheel. I took the airbag off, then the steering wheel and was faced with a rotary junction box of sorts, when I popped it off it was full of flat cable wound around the original stem. What do I remove and what do I reconnect (horn) to put the new wheel and boss on. Thanks :?

  • Old wheel off, Boss on, wheel on bolt on. i do belive

  • Thats what I thought, the item behind the stock wheel is an item I think is called the clock spring because of the way it looks. I think I might have to remove the clock spring, and adpt the horn wiring. :?

  • i still have that bit on mine i found out waht wire was carrying the horn live to the wheel and cut the black conecter down and the other wires back so the horn wire was sticking up so it still contacted my boss

  • I guessed it would be something like that, I'll look at it again this weekend. Thanks James

  • could of been easier with pics :P never swapped a wheel in a mx3 haha.

    Its sorted now though, james came to the rescue


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