Reverse light connection

  • Hi guys, this may sound daft but i have recently done a straight engine swap, 1.8 V6, and simply cannot find the connector on the loom for the reverse lights.

    It hasn't really bothered me till now as i will need reverse lights to pass an mot.

    Any help would be great.


  • You don't need reverse lights for an MOT it is not a testable item.

    All i can suggest is that you follow the loom along.

    Good luck :D

  • Ah, i never realised that. I have actually just found it and connected it up again. The connector and braket had been bolted up by the header tank when swapping the engine to keep it out of the road. Thats what happens when you and two mates all set about an engine swap at the same time.

    I did have another question i was going to post about the ECU, how would i go about resetting it as its not running great so i want to reset it the pull the error codes from the diagnostics port (I'm sure i saw a tutorial on that here somewhere)

    Cheers again


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