Throttle body

  • should i get more throttle body to 68mm??

  • Kami would say no. Others would say not worth the hassle. I guess if you had headers, straight through exhaust, kl31 cams and heads you will see a peak hp gain.

  • will my de tb be ok, i didnt get a tb wiv my ze

    lol acronyms

  • there more trouble than there fucking worth beleive me. i got a 68mm tb if u wanna buy it off me for like 40 pound but in my opinion be the worst 40 pound u ever spent. i got an original mx-3 tb on my ze and its so much nicer to drive. and wot ive lost in top end ive gained lower down in the power curve plus i like how much more economical my mx-3 has become since i put the original tb back on but its up to you.

  • Don't bother.

    I've had 64mm, 68mm, all sorts, all now removed.

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