She Fired up

  • Hello guys just a update regarding my mx3 went round my friends to work on the mx3 with a new battery and first turn of the key and she was running but she did smoke a bit but bear in mind she have been sat there for a year. Only thing tho the remote does not work and nore does the alarm anymore so it is all used by the key at the min. Does it need to be reprogrammed to work or should it just work?

    got the car booked in tomorrow to get the mot done

  • Well done girl. :D

  • i reckon reprogammed its not that difficult to do once ya know what your doing!!!! find where fitted it and they should only take 5-10 min!!!

  • Well done :D and good luck with the MOT :wink:

  • thats just it i dont know where it was fitted thanks guys :) and Mechanic
    you wish i was a girl lol :D

  • @4638f67c0e=Nicholai:

    :) and Mechanic
    you wish i was a girl lol :D

    :P :oops:

  • haha

  • hehe

    right bad new thought this might happen as it has been there a wile failed the mot on a cv boot tire and the right headlight does not have a beam setting on there. Not a big prob could be worce i guess the tire is on order the headlight i have got to deal with and the cv boot is on its way.

    With that i have ordered a full service bits oil filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, cv boot front and rear pads and rear discs for £111.00 and ordered a set of front drilled and grooved discs off ebay for 59.99 so not that bad on parts really. a mate is doing a hole service and charging me £70 for doing it

  • that cheap
    , a garage near me charged me £100 to put a cv joint on but it did include the cv joint the worst part about it is thay snaped my only car key so that cost another £10 for new keys befor thay could start work :cry: so i think youv got a realy good deal there :D

  • @b670eea646=Mechanic:

    Well done girl. :D

    Wishful thinking….. :lol:

  • yeah tell me about it lol


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