The garage cant fix my brakes. help MOT fail

  • i have a problem with my rear brakes sticking, also the front ones release unevenly, i have had all pipes swapped and calipers unstuck, but he think its either the master cyclinder or something else, but he doesn't know what.i know it sounds stupid.

    I dont think he wants to do work and charge me if it wont fix the problem.

    anyone had any similar problems, need help fast as waiting to pass MOT.

  • oh he said it could be something to do with my anti lock braking too???

    anyone please any ideas, gonna cost a fortune anyway now but i need to save any money i can.

  • hmmm abs pump, vaccum servo/master cyliner or the ecu, replace these untill its fixed,

    i fink its the master cylinder

    i have all these parts if you need em

  • Some more info please:

    When do the back brakes stick? while driving normally? only after handbrake has been on? after heavy breaking?

    Did you rebuild the calipers? If they are defffinately good then master cylinder could be a problem.

    Does your ABS light come on when braking?

  • ok its just the rear brakes and they release unevenly, however, sometimes its the left sometimes its the right and sometimes both, no change on heavy breaking or after handbrake. when on the rolling road after brakes are released it takes a second for the rears to start spinning again. calipers were seized and now freed up lots so they are not an issue im sure. no abs light comes on.

    pretty sure like u said its the master cyl

  • ok problem still here however, slightly different now. Master brake cyclinder replaced but calipers still not releasing from front passenger side. mechanic has guaranteed me that the calipers arent the problem.

    Whilst it has been in the garage and not being used the battery has gone flat, once the battery was recharged the ABS light came on, am i to assume the problem is with the ABS pump?

    and if so does anyone have one to sell?????

  • this must be pissin u off bigtime! have u tried other garages, sorry the master cylinder didnt fix it! abs pump is the next mechanical part that could be at fault….maybe put a diagnostic on it to check abs but i dont think that would be it

    let me know what parts u need n this time ill no the postage !

    i have all break system

  • 9ok mate nice one. how much for the abs pump and vaccum servo. yeh it is pissin me off bigtime only put my induction kit on then 3 days later MOT fail two weeks later here i am still no mx3

  • ok everybody nealry there however now there is another problem…... i need an ABS snesor from the nearside front. please someone help me out i have cash waiting and really need my car back.

  • thanks everyone just letting you know all problems resolved, well have been for a week now

  • Good stuff, happy cruising.

  • i wouldnt use that garage again mate, they cant do it? useless monkeys.

  • yeh tell me about it, not going back there. Lazy, slow, rude and arrogant.

  • Can't see that company going far at all, people will get wise to him.


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