CAI and Xenon Kit Advice Needed.

  • just a silly idea maybe ya put the vaf on backwards? and if the resonator hole isn't air tight it'll cause similar problems (mine leaked while i was tryin to overtake a car)

  • Why get rid of the resonator tube? they help with mid range torque.

  • i had mine out and made 153lbft

  • Just got back last night from a long w/end away in Yorkshire.
    Apart from the slow running thingy and being a bit uneven at about 1500rpm under load (which is sort of my fault for modding the CAI) she behaves impeccably. Sheffield to Swindon last night in just under 3 hours (no thrashing - 65 to 75ish).

    Later I will put some pics up of the CAI and see what you think.
    I have a little theory in my head that says she is taking in too much air a low revs. When the cold start is on no probs but as soon as warmed up she goes icky.
    Any way pics soon.

  • Right! I am sure you are probably all getting a bit bored with this by now so I will try to encapsulate it all in this post and maybe a solution can be found.
    I am pretty sure the CAI is fitted correctly and have had a look this morning and done a couple of things I'll mention later.
    The symptoms are as follows:
    1. On cold start everything is fine.
    2. As the engine warms up the revs drop as they should but when the engine is fully warmed if I blip the throttle (or drive normally) she won't tick-over properly. Down to about 2/300rpm or often cuts out completely.
    3. If I lightly touch the throttle up to around 1500rpm the engine 'hunts' as if I was very gently blipping the throttle. I can't describe this any other way hope it makes sense.
    4. Pick up - say coming off a roundabout - at low revs is jerky. I assume this is the hunting bit above.
    5. Once I am motoring above approx. 1500rpm she runs perfectly.

    Here's some pics taken this morning:

    Overall view

    Close up of filter connection. Today I moved the jubilee clip back to the filter a little bit just in case it was squashing things up and not allowing the AFM to operate correctly.

    I have put some tape over the resonator entry so it is securely blanked off.

    What is this bit? The small pipe to the old air box has a bolt screwed into it to blank it off, but not sure what the rest is. We made a bracket to secure everything and prevent movement of the new filter.

    It all looks Ok to me and I cannot understand what is wrong.
    Or have we done something wrong?
    Has the ECU not picked up the new air intake volumes for some reason?
    Would adjusting the slow running assist? That might stop the stalling but would it stop the 'hunting'.
    I am completely baffled and really pissed off at the moment. It was a real pain going up to Yorkshire last Friday especially in the long roadworks north of Nottingham and driving through Leeds city. I was having to work very hard to keep her going. For two pins I'll take the CAI off and revert back to how it was.

    Help!! :? :cry:

  • A couple things.

    Check the VAF is level, if it is at an angle it can cause issues like this.

    Air leaks.

    That's not really a CAI, it's sucking warm engine bay air in, you need a pipe to put it down low for it to be a CAI.

    The V6 relies on a long intake for maximum torque, take it away and you'll probably have actually lost power, especially low down.

  • I would take the screw out of that pipe and leave it to atmosphere.

    I did that to mine and it ran shit.

  • @76148c07b9=Mechanic:

    I would take the screw out of that pipe and leave it to atmosphere.

    I did that to mine and it ran shit.

    I didnt see that. He's blocked off the vacuum inlet. No wonder it's running bad.

    Unblocked that immediately. It can be to atmosphere no problem.

  • Thanks for responses.
    I think the VAF is about as it was but I'll get it more horizontal tomorrow.
    The little pipe I blocked off as one or two said to on here and on inspection it was plugged onto a small pin on the side of the air box which didn't actually go anywhere. So we blocked it off. Will try it with the bolt out tomorrow.

    Roc, I realise it is not really CAI at the moment but I will purchase a right angled pipe to take it down below where it is now.
    Do you sell these?

  • Thankyou, thankyou!!
    Took the bolt out of the pipe and everything is hunky-dory.

  • @3206fc2e69=Rod:

    Thankyou, thankyou!!
    Took the bolt out of the pipe and everything is hunky-dory.

    Mechanic to the rescue lol :P

  • My knight in shining armour!!! :lol:

  • Induction kit now all OK. Has improved pick up and top end power a little.
    What I need to do now is get the filter down below where it is into a cooler environment.
    So I need a 90 degree bend and about 10" of hose with appropriate couplings. The hose at the mo is Autobahn 88 (which I assume is 88mm).

    Any suggestions where to source or equivalent?


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