Alternator change

  • hi guys.

    Can anyone explain what I need to do to change the alternator on my '97 V6? Mine has died, and its starting to look like I dont have the money to get it done, so rather than pull the old girl off of the road I thought I'd have a go at changing it myself. Can you point me in the direction of a decent 'How to' thread?



  • Were about do you live, there might be a fellow mx3 owner who lives near by who would be kind enough to show you.

    Disconnect your battery.

    Jack the front of the car up.

    You will need to slacken off the alternator belt, then flick it of the alternator pulley.

    Crack the bolts holding the alternator in place, there will be a couple of wire bolted on the back of the alternator undo them.

    Remove bolts and drop down.

    A picture for you so you can see were it is located.


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