How many KLZEs mx-3 are there currently in UK/Ireland

  • Just wondered exactely how many there are really? When i done mine i was number two in the UK, Number one was in Scotland somewhere and did the original write up on Then saw Tommy D follow a few weeks after me. Hes is now sadly been parted out. Im sure there is now a great deal more out there now.
    The only mx-3s i tend to see now days are on sale for under 1k and in a very poor state, seems as if the years are against the mx3 now.

  • I still remember seeing your ZE at Japfest years ago, and I went home and ordered my first KLZE engine.

    Since then I've done two more swaps for other people.

    Well I'm 90% of the way through my 3rd KLZE swap, so thats another 3 to add.

    Although this is my first attempt at doing an OBDII swap and I have not got it running yet.

    Yeah, the MX-3's are getting old now and have come down in price alot, but still got a good following. I just hope the 'Scrappage' scheme does not take too many of them.

  • Thats mad!, thats alot of conversions.
    Ive been hooked on the mx-3 the day i brought it home, it was only supose to be a run around to get me to work and back, but Mr google introduced me to the KLZE conversion, and fate had a UK owner who had brought most of the parts for the conversion, but decided he wanted a VW golf instead. His loss, my gain :D

  • We have 4 on Mazdamad, and i'm about to rip out a ZE next weekend for Carl to fit in his.

    Must be 10-15 out there by now.

  • How much is a ZE anyway?

  • the one being collected from me next weekend has 60,000 miles and is £450 for the complete engine and gearbox plus £100 for the ecu/vaf.

    This is a straight neck ZE. This is the 3rd one i've sold to an mx3 owner.

  • misterg,im trying to talk him round to KLZE his mx3, ill even do it :twisted:
    of course, as its me doing it, it won't be a completely standard klze :) Boost anyone :D


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