Has anyone heard form RS ROADKILLA lately?

  • I'm trying to get hold of RS ROADKILLA, has anyone heard from him lately? Or have a way I can get hold of him?

    I just bought his old MX-3 and i'm looking for info on the paint colour, because some bits need touching up. All I know is that in his write-up he says its a motorbike paint.


    Hope someone can help me find him.

  • you bought my old car! lol

    See ya got hold of me finally!

    i've actually got 3 litres of paint left if you can get to Reading to pick it up?


  • shoots and scores!

    love the colour mate, proper "mustard"

  • How the hell did ya find me?! lol

    Cant believe they used my pictures from years ago to sell the car!

    Been a while since I been on this forum, so hello again guys! Good to see your all still ehre and still going strong! :)

  • Nice One Bruce!!

    Just what I wanted to hear, I thought that was going to be a tough one to get it made to match. You've just made my day!

    Any chance you could post it up to me? Would be cheaper for me than driving as its a 400 mile round trip.

    Can I ask you a couple of questions:

    • Have you got any info about the hydraulic suspension and where you bought it from?
    • Is the suspension on a split charger or do you just have to keep charging the battery in the boot?
    • If its just on the battery, how much usage do you get before it runs out?
    • Can you alter the suspension while driving?
    • With the suspension at its lowest will the bodykit rub on the floor when driving?
    • How do you turn the lights underneath on?

    Hope you don't mind all the questions, anything you can think off that might be helpful would be great.


  • @b121be4ab4:

    How the hell did ya find me?! lol

    Cant believe they used my pictures from years ago to sell the car!

    Been a while since I been on this forum, so hello again guys! Good to see your all still ehre and still going strong!

    I think I found you through your Mini Pickup listing on the Team Shock website in the end (you still got that?).

    I bought it of ebay with a blown engine, popped steering rack after a front end knock pinched the power steering cooler pipe, rust and oil everywhere in the engine bay, no MOT, no TAX, been standing for 18 months, but because I knew the car well and have always loved what you did with it I bought it anyway without even looking at it.

    It makes me sad to look at it now, but i'll get it back into show shape.
    Putting it back together as a 1.6 auto first while I take my ZE off the road to do some work on it.

    Then its going to get the ZE in it !!! That should be a fun swap, just about everything needs swapping.

    Did you convert the rear to disk breaks? I always thought the RS had drum brakes?

  • Yeah Ts is still going, although its pretty slow these days!

    Would love to see some pics of how it looks if you dont mind posting them?

    My cars being sprayed at the mo, so will be up there some time next week, so will get hold of the paint and see what i can do.

    As for the question…

    Rayvern Hydraulics carried out the work.

    I never bothered putting a split charge on the hydraulics, although this can easily be done for not much money.

    i didnt use the hydraulics that much, but when they were new I had to charge the battery once a couple of months...

    Yes you can. Although I never used to do it as when the cars dropped as low as it goes it will smash the front bumper to pieces...

    Yes it will smash it big time!

    I disconnected the lights, and if I can remember it was wired up somewhere under the steering colomn...

    Feel free to ask more if you have any!

    Theres a couple of vids on you tube, so just type in my name on there and you will see some i've uploaded and favourites other people have loaded!

  • Only had a short drive in it before started rebuilding the engine and the suspension was set on its highest setting (flat battery) and it was really bouncy.

    Does it stiffen up as you lower it?

    Only wanted to know if you could use it on the move so I could lift it over speed bumps at 5mph.

    Did you convert the rear to disk breaks?

    What was the paint for future reference?

  • If its all the way jacked up, the hydraulics are hard as fuck! Shouldnt really drive it like that as it can twist the chassis…

    Its a pretty harsh drive, hence why I only used to drive it to and from shows... but it is better when its lowered down a bit!

    Rear has always been disks, not something ive touched and car was 100% standard when I bought it.

    The paint is Piaggio Guiallio or something like that. Its an old Piggario colour <sp>from their motorbikes.

    Any more questions, feel free to ask!</sp>

  • wow, thats some serious mx3 collecting going on there. How much did you end up getting it on ebay from? I was watching it but never saw the end? Good to see that it will be rebuilt, I kinda guessed that from its ebay add it was going to be stripped for parts.

    Oh good to see you back again bruce. Hope all is well and project 7up is still going well.

  • Offered him £600 to end it early. I was happy and so was he.

  • Any news on the paint?


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