• Hiya, I'm suffering from the comon problem with old MX-3's. The srivers seat is falling apart!

    The coloured threaded fabric is in terrible condition and the side of the seat cover is torn.

    Is there anywhere I can get a replacement cover or is it just scrap yards?
    Is it worth gatting replacement seats just because of this? and do they need special fitting??

    Any help would be great!


  • the seats are just held in with 4 bolts…. literally takes 5 mins to get them out!

    Unless your going to get your interior re-trimmed, i would just go to a scrappy and buy one in better condition...

    Otherwise you will need to pay for new fabric, foam and labour... and believe me when i say trimmers arent cheap!

  • Thanks for the info mate. I've been considering getting a replacement passenger seat (since all the drivers seats I've seen are in crap condition) and swapping the covers over. Any idea if they covers are the same on each side. They look the same to me but there might be something hiding under the plastic moldings. Any info?

    BTW mate, I have to say that is the most extreme MX-3 I have seen! Very tasty!

  • Yeah the covers are exactly the same mate. No nasty suprises!

    When they re-trimmed mine, they done the passneger seat first, reversed all the panels he had cut for it, and used them for the drivers side! This meant that he only had the drivers seat for an afternoon meaning i was still able to drive the car…

    And cheers mate! Plenty more to come yet!!! :D

  • Brilliant mate, thanks for the info. I tried and have got quite different quotes. I had one for a pair of seats deleivered for £105 and another for just the passenger seat for £95!
    do you have any other useful sources of mx parts that I could try?
    Thanks for the help/info so far mate!

  • to be honest dude, your best and cheapest bet would be a local breakers…

    If they have any mx3's ask em how much they want and get busy with ya spanner! Its literally 4 bolts...

    Let us know how you get on dude :)

  • Hiya,

    Bought a seat yesterday, got a passenger one from a local scrappy for £25.
    It's got a bit of mould on it but hopefully that'll clean off easily enough. I need to take the cover off anyway to change to drivers side so I could even wash it if I need to.
    Thanks for the help. will let u know how it goes when I get around to putting it in.

  • good stuff dude :)

    Let us know how ity goes!!

  • I finally got round to getting the seat cover off the seat I bought. It was held on with what I think are called "bulldog clips"?
    It was a bit of a pain to remove but i can see it being even worse to fit onto the next seat. Does anyone know if there's an easy way to fit them? Any alternatives for these clips since they are a pain. (I actually had to hacksaw a few of them off!)
    They were basically metal rings bent into shape to hold the seams of the material to metal wires embeded in the seat foam.

  • Hiya, just an update.
    Finally managed to get round to swapping covers the other day. It went suprisingly well; managed to the get old ones off in about 30 mins whilst making a note of where all the clips are. Then fitted the back of the new one. Perfect fit but the seat part was harder. The seats aren't actually symetrical. The outside edge (door side) of the seat is slightly lower than the inside which makes the material rather tight if you try to squeeze it on. Plus there are holes around where the back adjustments are that do not corrispond to those on the other side.
    Eventually went on well (with a few new holes cut) and looks MUCH better than the old one.

    Thanks all for your help!

  • glad to hear it mate :)


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