• looks pretty clean from where i'm sitting! Like the black front cover mate.

  • @354c15ce33=ukmx3admin:

    Japandi - Please post up a bigger single pic of your engine bay on its own.

    James - Where did you get exhaust header and CAI from? Prices? What gains did you get from your headers?

    The header is the 2.0l probe one, I wrote the how to, don't know if it's still there though. The intake is the classic 'ebay CAI' you read about on the .com site. I'd say gains were minimal to be honest, the noise increased with the header, but tbh I preffered the sound of just the intake.

    What did you use on your inlet manifold, looks really clean but not polished, I like it might do it to my bp.

  • I painted it with alloy VHT engine paint, there is a particular brand I use that is just awesome (i tested loads), it just soaks in and you get a perfect job every time and the finish does not look like it has been painted at all, it just looks perfectly clean and bright.

    I painted my whole engine in it!!

    I will find an old spray can and dig out the make for you.

  • my 2.6 klze nearly ready go go back in the car

  • Had shit loads of work done to it,this is a old pic. you get the idea ;)

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