Anyone want a 60,000 mile KLZE

  • I can get my hands on a genuine Straight neck KLZE with ecu and gearbox. Its very low mileage, 97000kms (62,000 miles)

    Its still in the car, a J-spec MX6, but i would have to buy the whole thing and break it.

    There are things on the car I would like for mine but if i've got any chance of doing this I need a buyer for the engine 1st as i'm skint.

    Its not going to be around long so shout up if you want the engine or anything else off it, or know anyone who would.

    J-spec headlights, foglights, folding mirrors, 4 wheel steering, climate control etc etc.

    This is also posted up on MazdaMad

  • i am willing to chip in !


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